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Applying Auto Decals: Where Can You Place Your Custom Designs?

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So you want to show your support for your favorite band, sports team or just want to advertise your business with auto decals?

Well played. But have you thought of where you’ll place each custom decal for best results?

Applying decals is quite simple, but their location becomes important when you have to consider things like car decal legal requirements, maximizing exposure, and preventing damage to your car’s bodywork.

Read on to find out the best places to stick your decals.

Best Places for Auto Decals

Generally, the best location for vehicle stickers is any part of your vehicle that allows most decal exposure and visibility. Here are some top suggestions.

1. Driver’s Side

This location is directly on the sight line of pedestrians and other drivers.

So it’ll expose your sticker to your target audience. Think big for this type of decal – in particular, think trucks.

2. Car Bumper

A classic location for stickers! The car bumper has established itself as the de facto space for expressing social and political views in America.
Beyond that, car bumper stickers have proven to be instrumental in OHH marketing due to their visibility.

As long as your sticker size and the message it conveys stay within the confines of your state’s law, you can use bumper stickers as moving mini-billboards to advertise your business to a limitless number of people.

3. Windows

Vehicle window decals are a cheap, eye-catching way to express your creativity and advertise your business to potential clients. You can decorate your car’s windows with pre-designed windshield banners or have it customized with your own words.

As far as placement goes, the prime locations for these types of decals are the top part of the windshield and the whole of the rear window.

When using decals on windows, it’s important to think of the size of your sticker. A very big sticker may deter your view of the road and cause accidents. Also, stickers covering the entire rear or side windows may prevent your passengers from enjoying the roadside view.

Nonetheless, stickers that are too small won’t be visible to your target audience, so it’s important to find the right size. Check out this windshield measurement guide for expert insights on choosing the right Windshield Banner size for your car or truck.

4. Rear Tire Cover

If your car has a rear-mounted spare tire cover, you can use it to maximize brand exposure or display witty messages. A vinyl tire cover will work best. You can also add a custom message decal to promote your brand or style or convey a message to other drivers on your spare tire cover.

The rear tire is always exposed to motorists behind you, so you can rest assured that your decal will get the attention it deserves.

So, What’s the Best Location for Auto Decals?

You can place decals in any of the four prime locations outlined above and they’ll work just fine.

However, it’s best to let your needs dictate where you put your auto decals. For instance, if you’re looking to use car stickers for advertisement, you should try to use at least two of the places above to maximize visibility.

Visit our online catalog for pre-designed stickers with cool messages or contact us for a custom designed decal.

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