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Junk Car Buyers Near Me: What to Expect When Selling Your Car for Cash

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Is it finally time to say goodbye to your old clunker? Is the cost of repairs rising, yet you can never keep it on the road? Or maybe you’re just sick of seeing it take up space in the driveway?

Whether your car is running or not, bringing it to a junk buyer is a great way to get rid of your old vehicle. These buyers can still find value in your ride, even if it’s little more than rust and flat tires.

At this point, you might be asking “where are the junk car buyers near me?” Before you make that call, though, it helps to know what to expect.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect when junking a car.

Why Should I Junk My Car?

Chances are if you’re asking this question, you already explored selling the car as-is. Unless your car is a classic, chances are that the market for a beater of questionable reliability is slim to none.

There are a few good reasons why it makes sense to sell to a car junker.

First and foremost, it’s a chance to capitalize on the remaining value of your vehicle. Secondly, it’s a convenient way to remove it from your property. Finally, it ensures that the hazardous materials in the car are disposed of properly.

Financial Reward

Sure, the brake fluid may leak and the engine hasn’t turned over this decade, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worthless. Cars are incredibly sophisticated pieces of machinery, made up of many different components. A broken clutch doesn’t mean the engine won’t function anymore.

Catalytic converters, body panels, AC compressors; these are all sought after parts that still hold tremendous value. Many garages and car owners will turn to scrap yards looking for these parts, saving the cost of in-the-box replacements.

That’s why junk buyers are willing to pay you up front for vehicles in almost any shape. They know that they can still find working components needed by others.


So, then, if your old junker still has value, why let someone else profit off all those parts? After all, that lump sum payment they offer you is surely less than the total of all the parts they can sell, right?

Maybe. If you’re willing to breakdown the car and know how to recognize and remove valuable parts, go ahead and sell it yourself. That means that you’re going to be regularly marketing the different components, dealing with buyers yourself.

It also means that you have to dispose of the leftovers. A rundown car isn’t something you can leave at the side of the curb on garbage day.

A buyer, on the other hand, will have the equipment to tow the vehicle from your property, saving you the hassle. Chances are the convenience offered here is worth the sale alone.

Proper Disposal

A car is full of toxic materials, from the battery to the various fluids. These can cause untold damage if they leak into soil or water. Improperly disposing of them can lead to serious medical issues if they find their way into the water supply.

A car tire will take over 50 years to decompose. Bumpers, windows, and body panels will take much longer. Instead of leaving them to rot, these parts can be recycled or repurposed.

How to Find Junk Car Buyers Near Me?

Now that you’ve decided to leave your car to a buyer, how do you find one? The same way we find everything these days: go online.

Searching online is a great way to determine which yard to sell your vehicle to. Not only can you find what the different scrap yards offer, but you can read reviews as well.

You’re likely to find local scrap yards and online buyers. Whichever you choose is up to you, but it’s worth remembering that scrappers based online have a much larger audience than local buyers. Since they are likelier to move parts quickly, they tend to offer more.

Also, online buyers typically follow a standardized process. That often leads to a more consistent experience. Local buyers are subject to more variables and may not be willing to offer value if they’re sitting on a number of other junkers.

Reviews are the best way to determine the legitimacy of a junker. It’s the first-hand experience from a third-party, giving you a sense of who you’ll be dealing with.

It’s always recommended to call a few different places, too. Getting quotes and actually speaking with someone will keep you better informed when making your choice.

If your car still runs, ask if there’s a benefit to delivering it yourself. Many buyers will factor the cost of towing into their purchase price, so saving them this step may get you more money in your pocket.

What Do I Need to Do Before Selling My Car?

Junk buyers won’t buy cars from anyone but the owners for obvious reasons. Have your registration and title ready to sign over. If you don’t have these, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to get them replaced.

Be sure to go through your car and remove anything that you want to keep. Check the trunk and glovebox, even under the seats. Once the car is gone, it’s gone. Make sure you don’t sell more than you intended.

If you do remove any components of the car itself, let the buyer know. Their purchase price is based on the assumption that all the parts are still intact.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes saying goodbye to a car can be an emotional experience. It’s a reminder of past experiences, time spent with friends and family.

Other times, it can’t be done quick enough. Instead of fond memories, it speaks to countless repair bills and hours spent on the side of the road following a breakdown.

Whether you’re asking “where are the junk car buyers near me?” or “can I keep the winter tires?”, getting cash for your old ride is a great opportunity. It saves you the trouble of getting the vehicle off your property while still rewarding you for its remaining worth.

For more information on scrapping your car, visit our blog.

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