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It’s Almost Mother’s Day 2020! Give Your Mom the Gift of Clean

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Mother’s Day 2020 will be on Sunday, May 10, and if you’re like millions of other Americans, you’re probably wondering what the heck to give her in the age of Coronavirus.

Some have turned to gift cards in desperation due to their favorite stores being closed indefinitely, but gift cards often smack of the idea you picked something up for her on the way to the celebration.

They are gifts that don’t require much thought and often get overlooked as daily obligations mount and life gets “back to normal.”

Enter the cleaning service.

In the following article, we’ll be giving you the seven main reasons you should hire Mom a maid for a day this Mother’s Day.

Let’s begin!

1. Cleaning Services Reduce Stress

Perhaps the biggest reason to consider maid service at the top of your Mothers Day gift ideas list is this one.

By hiring someone to do a deep clean, even if only for a day, you’re greatly reducing the amount of stress that Mom would otherwise feel inside of a messy house or apartment.

2. Add to Her Productivity

People naturally get more things done when they don’t feel like the walls are closing in on them.

Clean space for Mom to do her thing will lead to fewer unnecessary pauses in getting any work she needs to get done completed.

To give you an idea of how messiness can hurt productivity, one study reported by the Harvard Business Review found office workers loss up to two hours per week due to a messy environment.

Much of this time was spent looking for documents and items that were in the office but out-of-place.

If that doesn’t make the case for putting things back where they go, we don’t know what does!

3. Make Her Happier

Mom is just going to be happier if she doesn’t feel stressed out by her environment, and it’s helping her to get more things done.

Anything that gives her the chance to enjoy her special day with wine, chocolates, and binge-watching television is a good thing!

4. Healthier

This option on our list of unique Mother’s Day gifts is especially sweet because you’re giving Mom back control over her mental and physical health.

She gets that time to work on her body and brain through exercise or challenging hobbies.

All these circumstances work together to create a woman who’s better equipped to deal with the stressors of ordinary life.

5. Give Her Something She Can Use

Yes, Mom could always go buy some useless trinkets with a gift card.

They may not even be that useless if it’s to a favorite store.

However, gift cards are rarely the gift that keeps giving.

Buying her maid service, particularly if it’s ongoing for a year or six months, gives Mom something she can use moving forward.

That’s opposed to mindlessly spending a gift card at an online store only to not remember what she’s used the money on three weeks after she used it.

6. Allow Her to Address More Personal Projects

Moms need hobbies, too! If that wasn’t true, then why would we even have such a thing as a “she shed”?

House cleaning services give Mom the ability to pursue crafts and hobbies she has always wanted to do but never had the time for.

This, in turn, can feed the body and mind and create a happier, healthier, and more productive woman.

7. Professional Cleaning Services Also May Free Her Up to Improve Relationships

Finally, moms, particularly single moms, can spend more time going out with friends or their family members or spouses.

They can use the time freed up by a cleaning service to improve their relationships from work and interests to family and friends.

Before Hiring a Service

Now that you know why you should be hiring Mom maid service for her special day, let’s look at some best practices for the next steps you should be taking.

There are five things you need to do before coming to any type of agreement.

They are as follows:

Check Their Reputation

In the area where you live, you likely have more than one company to choose from, and that doesn’t even factor in the “nonprofessional professionals” (i.e., high school kids, co-workers dabbling in running their own business, etc.).

That means you have a ton of choices, so it’s important to narrow those choices down by the right criteria.

Start checking online reviews.

Look to the Better Business Bureau.

Examine more than one place where someone has spoken either highly or poorly of the company before making your decision.

Consider Referrals

Referral marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing there is.

When you have someone you know and trust telling you a company is good or bad, you tend to listen.

Ask your friends if they’re using any cleaning services.

If they’re not, ask them if they know anyone who has.

Keep drilling until you can find someone willing to give you an honest opinion.

Identify the Scope of Services

Many house cleaning agreements can go south if the homeowner feels taken advantage of.

To keep this from happening, make sure you have a clear understanding of what the cleaning service will do for you.

Your knowledge of this will add an extra layer of accountability to the service.

It also will ensure they don’t do too much or too little.

Know Thy Chemicals

Some homeowners have a real aversion to the use of toxic chemicals for cleaning purposes.

Before hiring a service, make sure you know what they’re putting into your home and do your research on the substances to make sure you can live with it.

Mother’s Day 2020 Can Be a Special One for Mom

The Mother’s Day 2020 season is upon us whether we like it or not. For many, it’s hard to like or celebrate much during a global pandemic, but Mom deserves to be remembered and honored regardless.

Consider hiring her a service for ongoing cleanings or as a one-time event.

Either way, she’ll be glad you thought of her, and it will allow her to enjoy more of her special day.

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