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The 5 Secret Wealth Building Strategies of the Super-Rich

Do you ever wonder how the rich got rich? On average, most millionaires have as many as seven different income streams

How do they manage their assets? How do they know what investment opportunities to take

Here are five of the secret wealth building strategies to help you climb your way to financial freedom. 

1. Management is Critical

Keeping track of your investments is critical to any wealth building strategy. 

You need an asset management partner. Companies like Vermögensverwaltung manage more than your money. Asset managers keep track of and provide recommendations for all of your income streams. 

2. Diversify for Success

Don’t pull all of your investment cash in one basket. 

From stocks to real estate to precious metals, there are pros and cons of each type of investment. 

If all of your money is in stocks when the market crashes, you suffer a major financial setback. 

Diversify your portfolio. You’ll benefit from the “ups” of some of your investment steams when one or two of your other investments are down. 

3. Research for Knowledge

Before choosing an investment channel, do your research. 

How does it work? What are the trends? Is it right for you and your portfolio? 

Once you know your options and how they work, talk with your advisors. Take your knowledge and their advice, then trust your instincts. 

Information helps you make the decisions that work best for your investment strategy. 

4. Know Why

If you don’t know why you want to invest, you won’t be successful in your investments. 

What do you want to accomplish? Are you planning for retirement? Do you want more freedom to travel? 

You need to know why you want to be in real estate or the stock market or any investment stream before you jump in.

Knowing “why” helps you with the next critical step: strategizing and planning your investments. 

5. Strategize and Plan

The most successful investors have an investment strategy and a plan to make it happen. 

Work with your asset managers on a plan. Choose a longterm goal for retirement or assets. Break that goal down into annual investment plans. 

Once you have your plan, successful investing is often about timing. 

Whether it’s the stock market, the real estate market, or the crypto market, buying and selling are most profitable when you capitalize on the right timing. 

You won’t get it right every time. But when you diversify your portfolio, bad timing in one market is offset by success from another income stream. 

Wealth Building Strategies Work 

The keyword is “strategies.” You need wealth building strategies for any successful investment plan. If it works for the wealthy, it can work for you. 

Working with an asset manager gives you access to experience across multiple investment channels. A good asset manager helps you understand your investments and opportunities. They also keep you informed on your progress toward your goal. 

Ready to learn more about investment ideas? Read our list of the seven best investments to make in 2019. 

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