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Is Building Automation Right for You? A Closer Look

A few years ago, the great technological innovation was the smartphone. This single device served as a cell phone, computer, handheld game system, and several other functions. 

Nowadays, the smartphone is old news. Although these phones used to be rare, they’re now in everybody’s pocket. However, smart technology continues to advance in new ways. 

One new development of smart technology is building automation. A building automation system integrates all structural components into a single system. 

Why is this necessary? Building automation controls make your office more efficient and save you money. 

We’ll explore how this works in the guide below. Then, you can decide if an automation system is right for you!

Cutting Energy Expenditures

US office buildings spend a yearly average of $1.34 with each square foot of electricity. Depending on the size of your building, this could amount to $4,000 and $160,000. 

Where do most of these expenses come from? In general, these costs stem from the HVAC and lighting systems. 

Fortunately, an automation system can reduce these costs. How does it work?

Many businesses leave their lights on in every room throughout their office hours. Likewise, they often leave their HVAC systems running all day. Many companies even let their HVAC systems run throughout the night. 

An automation system can cut these costs. With building automation, your system cuts the lights out in rooms nobody’s using. 

You can also use smart automation technology to control your air conditioning offsite. You can set the temperature in your building and turn off the HVAC system from anywhere with a phone app. 

Increasing Your Property Value

One of the chief building automation benefits is that it raises your property value. Any time you invest in your lighting or control systems, it increases the value of your building. 

One reason for this increase is that smart automation allows your building to meet energy certification requirements. These include certifications like Energy Star, WELL, and LEED. 

Energy-efficient buildings often sell faster and for higher rates. As such, these systems become an excellent long-term investment. 

Enhance Your Building’s Security

Building automation systems can enhance more than your HVAC system and lighting. You can also use these systems that integrate your security system into your building automation components. 

A facility’s security system is critical for protecting your employees and assets. Cameras, alarm systems, and other security components can integrate with your automated system to give you greater access.

Smart automation allows you to see your security camera feeds through a smartphone app. This way, you can monitor your building’s perimeter anytime. 

Increasing Productivity

It turns out your automated system can also increase productivity. Using these systems can improve your lighting and air quality. 

These factors affect your employee’s mindset and health. So, use these systems to your advantage!

Find the Best Building Automation System

As you can see, building automation has several benefits for companies. So, consider if these assets could help your organization. If so, find the best building automation system today!

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other content today.

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