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In a Pickle on Where to Park?: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing an RV Park

If you’re new to the world of RVing – welcome!

Whether you’re one of the 10 million Americans who own an RV or you’re a part of an even larger group — the renters, you’ve probably wondered at some point where you should take your camper.

Should you pack up your family and head to the coast? Or is a mountainous state on your bucket list of destinations?

Once you narrow it down, you hit your biggest roadblock: Finding an RV park.

There’s more than cost that goes into choosing the best campground for your family. So, what else is there?

We’re glad you asked! We take a look at the five things you should consider when you’re choosing an RV park below.

1. What Hookups Are Included in the Price?

All RV parks will have hookups available. But not all parks include them in your daily rate. Find out if you’ll get charged for electrical and sewer hookup.

Also, make sure you find out what the amperage of their hookups are. Most will be 30 or 50, so check your RV to see which one you need.

2. Does the RV Park Have Pull-Thru or Back-In Sites?

If you haven’t taken your new RV out yet, you may not see the importance of this criteria. But, for those that are experienced campers, they get it.

If you have a large RV or camper, you’ll find a pull-thru is much simpler to get your vehicle in and out of. If you have a toy hauler or a smaller camper, back-in sites may work just fine.

If you do have a larger camper, check to make sure the site can accommodate you at all. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a campground only to find you can’t extend your slide outs!

3. What Will You Get Charged For?

Aside from your daily rate, you may get extra charges on your bill you weren’t prepared for.

The park may allow pets but charge you an extra fee. Some even charge a couple of dollars extra per child!

RV parks that have amenities may charge you to use them. If the park you’re considering charges a pool use fee or something similar, these fees can add up.

4. What Amenities Do They Offer?

You may want to pack up and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to do so. The most reputable and highest-rated RV parks offer several amenities for their guests.

High-end RV resorts will come close to rivaling a hotel. They’ll have a pool, hot tub, Wi-Fi, and even a play area for the kids. For an idea of what a premier RV park offers, check out

After you get some ideas of what amenities you like, ask the RV parks you’re considering if they offer any of them.

5. Read Reviews

In this day and age, it’s easy to find reviews for just about anything. This includes RV campgrounds.

Once you pinpoint the area you’d like to travel to, read up on RV park reviews for the area. People are honest when it comes to aspects they like and didn’t like about their stay.

Remember to keep an open mind, though. If you’re not interested in having an arcade on site, don’t focus on that. Use the helpful reviews about the staff and if they’re any hidden fees instead.

Ready to Hit the Road?

Like anything involving travel, you need to do your due diligence. While you may like the amenities of a luxury RV park, you may find that a state campground has tons of stuff to do nearby — for a lot cheaper.

You know what’s best for your family. With these five tips, you’ll be on your way to giving them an amazing RV adventure!

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