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What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Showers That Exist Today?

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In 2020, Americans spent $13,000 on home projects, which was almost double the amount in 2019. Being cooped up meant there was extra time to upgrade some properties!

30% of the renovation projects went to bathroom upgrades, which meant it was the most popular project. So this means you’re probably looking to perk up your bathrooms too.

In that case, you might be wondering about the types of bathroom showers available. Read on to find out more!

Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers are pretty popular with homeowners. This is because it’s easy to set up and get in and out of.

These typically consist of a large pane of glass, with no door or curb. You just simply walk into the shower, as the name suggests!

This type of shower is ideal if you need easy access and you enjoy a modern and simple look.

Learn more about walk-in showers from the pros if you’re interested in this type of shower.

Frameless Showers

Frameless showers also look clean and simple, thanks to their design. Typically, they’re made up of several panes of glass that form a rectangular prism. There are no bars that run across, which results in that “frameless” look.

You can have a frameless shower made with or without a curb. Either way, it gives your bathroom a modern and striking look. It can also help a smaller bathroom look bigger since the panes of glass allow light to shine completely through.

Steam Showers

Do you enjoy going to the spa to sit in their sauna? Well, the good news is, you can enjoy the same thing in the comfort of your home!

You can have a steam shower built so when your muscles are sore, you can sit inside and enjoy a relaxing experience without stepping foot outside your house. These are usually custom-built to fit your bathroom, so they’ll be a bit pricier than other traditional showers.

Smart Showers

Today, we’re all about using technology in our homes, and this includes the bathroom too! Smart systems are taking over houses, and one of the newest pieces of tech is smart showers.

You’ll be able to pair the smart shower with your smart home system, which means you can give your shower voice commands. The tech will allow you to control the temperature of the water, how weak/strong the flow is, how long the shower is, and which outlet to use (if applicable).

If you have children in the house, this technology can be hugely beneficial since you can prevent them from being scalded.

Choose From These Types of Bathroom Showers

Now that you know about the types of bathroom showers available, you’ll be able to choose one that’s right for your needs and style. Speak to a contractor to make your dreams a reality!

If you want to learn more about being a smart homeowner, then check out our blog page now.

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