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Ideas for Small Closets

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If you live in a condominium, townhouse, or simply live in a small home, chances are high you have a small closet. It might seem impossible to get more space from an already-crammed area, but with the right approach you can have a closet that is more organized and (seemingly, at least) more spacious!


Basic hanging rods are fine for most closets, but a closet can be customized to your needs by having specific hanging rods for your choice of clothing. For example, it you wear long dresses, a closet with hanging rods about five feet high allows for these garments. If you wear suits, you can have a rod for hanging jackets and a lower shelf or rod for suit pants.

Lower Drawers Custom-Made for Shoes

Most closet drawers are not made for shoes. But a custom closet design can maximize the space in your small closet, creating the perfect drawer for shoes (not to large nor too small), allowing for the best use of your space.

Add Hooks or Narrow Shelves to Door’s Inside

All available surface space needs to be utilized in a small closet. If you have a swinging door, you should look at the space as an opportunity for more storage. A custom closet could include accessories to fit your specific needs, such as short rods for ties or small hooks for necklaces.

Cabinets with Glass

Small closets often need additional space for cabinets, but knowing whats inside can make searching for the right clothing a hassle. Cabinet doors with glass can solve this issue by keeping everything safe while allowing you to see what’s inside.

Short Drawers

Sometimes the drawers manufactured for closest are too tall. Do you really need a large drawer for your socks? Shorter drawers provide more organization and allow you to maximize the space you have available. Instead of three or four tall drawers, you can have seven or eight shorter drawers in the same space.

Utilize Floor Space

Look down. How much floor space is being wasted in your small closet? Perhaps a small countertop with cabinets or drawers could allow you to get the most from your closet. By using floor space, you can add more clothing to your closet or simply make the closet feel more spacious.


If you want more ideas for your small closet, contact the experienced team at Affordable Closets today. With our knowledge, skill, and dedication to service, we can transform your cramped closet into a useful space.

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