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Bartender Insurance for Wedding, Events & Business

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Bartending is a demanding profession that needs you to have excellent hospitality skills. In your role as a bartender, you prepare and serve drinks at various events or at a business, coffee shop or restaurant, for example. You can also be hired as a private bartender for corporate events and weddings, much like a catering business does.

As a freelance bartender, while you might have everything in order, you can’t have total control over the event or the business; the chances of making mistakes are always there. In case of any errors or accidents on a wedding, for instance, you could be held liable for damages caused by your service since you are not covered under common wedding planner insurance policies. This is why you should maintain mobile bartender insurance coverage that protects you from any possible claims coming in against your bartending business, just like your bar, nightclub, tavern & pub insurance for your establishment.

To better understand bartender insurance, in this article we will discuss the various forms of this profession-based type of policy and what it covers. We will also discuss the average bartender insurance cost and the best companies you can compare quotes from and buy this policy from.

Let’s serve it!

Bartender Insurance for Wedding

As a skilled and experienced bartender, you could be hired to serve at high-end weddings. Even as an unexperienced bartender you could be hired to serve at weddings here and there. While this means you will make good money, it could also mean you risk losing it. Weddings are busy events with lots of people, and the risk of causing damage is very high. When working in such an environment, any damage you cause could result in claims against you. For instance, you accidentally spill drinks on a VIP guest that damages their luxury watch. Infuriated, the victim decides to file a lawsuit against you and your bartending services.

If you are not covered with business insurance for bartenders, you risk losing a lot of money on settlements. This is why you should always have bartender insurance for wedding. As a professional with a business entailing making and serving alcohol, you could also be held liable for damages and accidents caused by those you served at the wedding by state dram shop laws. It is important to note that liquor liability claims can cost as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars, significantly hurting your finances and business reputation.

Insurance for bartender at wedding will protect you against such claims and help you provide your bartending business services with peace of mind. This is important because you can’t predict what will happen at a busy and extravagant wedding event. If you have a bartending company with a team of bartenders, you need to insure them as well. When one of your bartenders causes damages while working at a wedding event, your business will face lawsuits. In addition, many wedding planners and event organizers are more likely to hire a licensed and insured bartender for wedding.

Compare Bartending Business Insurance Quotes

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Bartender Liability Insurance

Bartender liability insurance is an insurance plan designed to protect your bartending business from all forms of liability claims. As professionals, bartenders face a unique set of risks that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage claims. Purchasing bartender liability insurance is important because it will protect you against such lawsuits. It would help if you also considered getting comprehensive coverage that reduces or removes the cost of these liability claims. Understanding the unique risks bartenders face regularly is vital in motivating you to purchase this insurance policy.

There are several claims that bartender liability insurance helps solve. For example, when you serve drinks to a visibly intoxicated person and they end up causing an accident or damages, you will face a lawsuit. The cost could be high, especially if the person caused severe damage. For instance, when they run into a parked luxury car or cause serious injury to others, the lawsuit will cost you a lot of money. With bartender liability insurance, you mitigate the cost of such claims, saving a lot of money.


Liquor Liability Insurance for Bartenders

According to most state laws, you are liable for damages or accidents caused by individuals you served alcoholic drinks. This is especially when those you serve are visibly intoxicated or minors. With liquor liability insurance, you can eliminate or mitigate the out-of-pocket cost of these claims. Remember that the average cost of liquor-related claims against bartenders is $85,000.

Having liquor liability insurance goes beyond protecting you against the risks related to your profession. This insurance policy is mandatory for businesses that serve or sell alcohol. Depending on the location of your bartending business, you will need this insurance policy to obtain your business license. Liquor liability insurance is very important, especially in states with dram shop laws. These states hold businesses and individuals accountable for the actions of intoxicated people.


Bartender Insurance Cost

The cost of bartender insurance depends on the state and different needs of your bartending business. The fee also depends on the type of policy you choose and the risks your business faces.

That said, the average mobile bartender insurance cost is about $43 per month or $520 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance. Many times, general liability insurance policies include host liquor liability coverage, you just want to make sure that it does before signing up for a policy.

Here are the insurance rates of some of the best bartender insurance companies in America for GL+Liquor Liability policy, to give you a better approximation of bartender insurance costs.

Company Monthly Yearly Best for
FLIP Insurance $33 $399 Established Mobile Bartender Insurance
Coverwallet Insurance $28 $336 Bartender Insurance Quote Comparison Online
Hiscox $38 $456 Larger mobile bartender business insurance
Thimble Insurance $35 $420 On-Demand Bartender Insurance Policy
Next insurance $150 $1,800 Fastest General & Liquor Liability Insurance for Bartenders
biBERK Insurance $38 $456 Insurance for Smaller Bartenders in Restaurants and Bars

Best Bartender Insurance Companies

Please find below our reviews of 2 of the best bartender insurance companies in America. To compare bartender insurance quotes online from more top bartender insurers, click the ‘Get Qutoes’ button at this page and complete the questionnaire.

Food Liquor Liability Program (FLIP) Bartender Insurance

FLIP is a reputable insurance company specialized in providing insurance to those in the beverage and food industry. FLIP offers estimates depending on what you will pay for a policy. The prices of most policies vary from state to state; however, they are affordable.

FLIP Bartender Insurance Policy Details

This company offers comprehensive and flexible bartender insurance options that cover a wide range of claims. Furthermore, you will enjoy general+liquor liability insurance accessible to a wide range of businesses in the bartending industry, including tailored ones for events and bartending businesses that hire chefs and caterers. Whether you are a wholesale distributor or a private club, FLIP has a bartender insurance policy that is tailored just for you, it is affordable and is definitely one of the best choices for bartender insurance.


  • No cap on alcohol sales
  • Coverage offered for all types of retail bar establishments
  • Battery and assault charges are available
  • Tailored coverage for your needs including event insurance coverage, general+liquor liability and coverage for chefs or caterers that you may hire


  • Not offered in all states

Average cost: $399 per year

Best for: Established mobile bartender insurance

biBERK Insurance

biBERK is a developed insurance company founded in 2015. It provides insurance to business owners in different industries. biBERK has grown rapidly over the last few years, spreading its services to most parts of the country.

biBERK Policy Details

biBERK has a comprehensive insurance for bartenders and those in the bartending business. Being a Berkshire Hathaway company, biBERK has robust policies that include a long list of coverage options. This offers you tailored insurance cover that protects you against a wide range of claims.


  • You can get a quote online
  • Policies are offered directly
  • Fast claim responsiveness


  • You cannot have stand-alone liquor liability insurance.

Average cost: $456 per year

Best for: small bartending business insurance serving in restaurants, bars and other businesses

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