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Demystifying Corporate Video Production For Business

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All businesses know they must utilize video for their communication needs.  As such, there’s at some root level an understanding of what Corporate Video Production means – Videos Made for Corporations.  In an effort to help distill and demystify this topic, C47 Films has broken it all down with corporate video production guidelines and tips.

What is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production is the act of creating video for businesses that expresses ideas for either internal or external consumption.

In general, the application of this phrase “Corporate Video Production” conjurers up images of an Orlando video production company like C47 Films planning, filming, and editing video.  Imagine a product demo with camera lights flashing hyper focused on exciting your target audience.

That image is correct.  The best version of corporate video production service is the case where a professional is able to control the visual, audio and story qualities of a business’ video.

Who are the Two Audiences of Corporate Video Production?

Corporate Video Production as a term is applied to both internally facing and externally facing audiences.  A businesses employees, partners and vendors are all candidates for being viewers of a videos. Corporate training video or corporate promotional video are both good examples.

Internally focused video marketing typically is expressing new ideas or announcing new initiatives. Occasionally these videos are celebratory – milestone accomplishments are great to feature in corporate event video project.  Many corporate explainer videos are made for training as well.

In fact, as early as the mid-2000’s companies like Home Depot have been training employees on an internally accessed training dashboard complete with videos and quizzing for comprehension.

Externally focused corporate product video, animated corporate video, and corporate marketing video are typically designed to speak to your company’s ideal client or customer.  These Corporate Productions could include anything from TV Commercials to Frequently Asked Question Explainer Videos and Training Tutorial Videos.

As you can see, the term Corporate Video Production is highly malleable.  It may be helpful to break down the Top 10 Types of Corporate Video Production.

THE TOP 10 Types of Corporate Video Production:

  1. Company Sizzle Video (AKA The Corporate Overview Video)
  2. Product Sales Video
  3. Product Explainer Videos (AKA The How-To Video)
  4. Service Sales Video
  5. Customer Education Videos (AKA Expert Videos)
  6. FAQ Videos
  7. Employee Training Videos
  8. Corporate Social Media Videos
  9. Trade Show Videos
  10. Event Videos

[ps2id id=’Corporate-Overview-Video’ target=”/]Company Sizzle Videos:

Remember the old sales adage, “Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak”?  That’s where the “Sizzle” term comes from.  In video you’ll hear the term Sizzle a lot and all it means is that the video will contain an exciting summary of the topic at hand.

So, a Company Sizzle Video, also known as the Corporate Overview Video, will typically be a summary of a company’s services and products.  It may share a bit about the history of a company and the company’s ethos.  Ideally, it should excite an end consumer to believe that your company is a quality candidate for their attention.

[ps2id id=’Product-Sales-Video’ target=”/]Product Sales Video:

Product Sales Videos may be considered a Sizzle Video, too.  The difference between a Company Sizzle and a Product Sizzle Video is the corporate video production process and focus.  Your Product Video focus on the product.

We advocate that your product video inspire your audience to believe that your product, and it’s unique selling proposition (USP) – meaning, features and benefits – are the right mix of wonderful for them.  These videos need to be short and they ought to have a quality call to action that moves your target to do something that is valuable for them, and yes, valuable for your company, too.

[ps2id id=’Product-Explainer-Videos’ target=”/]Product Explainer Videos:

How do you use your product?  You made it, so you likely know best.  Your user base needs to be guided and your voice is the ideal one to deliver explanations of How-To use it.

How-To Vidoes are a staple on YouTube and though you do want people on your website we are big believers in using the power of YouTube to your company advantage.  Put your Product Explainer videos on your own YouTube channel and then embed those videos into your website.

[ps2id id=’Service-Sales-Videos’ target=”/]Service Sales Videos:

A lot of companies either exclusively offer services or they service the products they sell.  In either case, the word service implies that there’s an human centered activity that has an end result.  This is a highly visual activity that also has an end result that can be experienced.

As such, service sales videos are often filmed on location with our clients so we can feature their professional activities.  Consider a commercial floor cleaning company that sells a service of sealing tile for high traffic businesses.  Seeing a crew prepare the floor, seal it, and expertly exit an immaculately cleaned area is inspiring.  The gleaming floor is the result.

Consider a different industry – like construction equipment sales and service.  Construction equipment often has it’s ongoing PM (preventative maintenance) done in the field.

A well greased and oiled machine is vital to operations and a good crew, on time with the right tools and expertise, is like insuring your business against downtime.  Those big ideas are what we feature in a Service Sales Video.  Professionalism and Results.

[ps2id id=’Customer-Education-Videos’ target=”/]Customer Education Videos (How-To):

If your business wants to be the known, liked and trusted expert in your industry then you owe it to your customer base to help them know more about what you know.  The leaders of industry are educating each other and with How-To based videos that extend far beyond their own products and services.

One of our video clients, an acoustical consultant, teaches acoustic theory online – for free!! He gives all kinds of audio tips and knowledge about really geeky stuff away.  Video shows his target audiences that he’s an expert in the space.

Why?  He wants an educated consumer base.  He knows nobody could catch up to his company with the info he shares.  It would take decades of training like his company has to match them.

It’s risk free to share quality info with his potential clients and help them be better at what they do AND be better clients, too.  Make customer educational video part of your process.

[ps2id id=’FAQ-Videos’ target=”/]FAQ Videos:

It’s a hard truth pill for anyone over 50 to swallow, so if you’re over 50… don’t say we didn’t warn you, but… People Don’t Read Anymore!  That’s why your FAQ section on your website is broken if you don’t have videos on it.

Frequently Asked Questions are best done with a video that explains the answer to the question AND a full video transcript attached to the video just in case someone does need the text.  We know that 90% of mobile users watch video on their phones.

We also know that the majority of web searches are now mobile based.  Your FAQ’s need to be in video.  Heck, with this info most of your online presence needs to be converted to video!!

Today, as we write this very article, a crew from C47 Films was at Gary Munson HVAC in Orlando Florida filming five FAQ videos that explain to home owners how to maintain and troubleshoot their own HVAC Systems.

It’s advantageous for the Munson Company to help their clients live well and address simple issues.  Good will and care goes a very long way.

[ps2id id=’Employee-Training-Videos’ target=”/]Employee Training Videos:

Internally focused videos are becoming an every day business mandate.  To communicate with employees casually, managers are creating weekly newsletters by video.

In order to train employees in depth companies are creating digital courses full of videos and quizzing modalities so that comprehension can be tested.  We’ve created digital courses for Volunteer Fire Departments, Book Publishing Experts, Diversity Equity & Inclusion courses for corporate America, and more.

In each case, these videos are a way to deliver carefully curated, very clear educational messages to an audience without having to facilitate sitdown meetings that derail productivity.  From HR’s perspective it’s extremely important to get some of these messages out and the education moment fully documented.

Employee Training Videos and Digital Courses will be something you will encounter in your business life if you have not already.

[ps2id id=’Corporate-Social-Media-Video-Production’ target=”/]Corporate Social Media Video Production:

Social media, as you are well aware, is full of messaging from businesses.  On Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest B-2-C messaging is pervasive.

Video converts 3 to 1 when compared to photos and text.  Brands know this and as such the effective brands are doing social media videos.  YouTube and LinkedIn seeing huge activity for B-2-B video.

In each of these cases, business that hire video production companies like our Orlando Video Production Company C47 Films are doing Corporate Video Production.

Now, we encourage you to consider taking off the suit and tie and putting on the “normal human” costume when on social media.  People buy from people they like.

So, we can help you find that likable angle that fits who you are as a business and who your clients are as both businesses and people. We at C47 Films do a ton of this.

Clients of ours are so often world experts in their field.  Even so, they find it difficult to get the word out about their skills and expertise without a clear plan and the long-term assistance of our video production staff to guide them and help them.

[ps2id id=’trade-show-videos’ target=”/]Trade Show Videos:

If you ask us, this might be the ULTIMATE “Corporate Video Production”.  There’s nothing more corporate, and potentially eye catching and valuable, than a trade show display that really speaks to your core audience.

Trade shows are hyper targeted events.  Everyone there is industry relevant from vendors to attendees.  A powerful tradeshow video production on display in your booth can make the difference between a few leads an massive lead generating attention grabbing buzz.  On the opposite side of the same coin, Trade Shows are a phenomenal place to capture video content for near term and long term uses.

A word of caution – many trade shows require forewarning and may charge you to have the right to film at the event so, please work closely with your booth design team and the event host to plan to capture trade show video b-roll and interviews.

The most common video types at a tradeshow include the following: 

  1. Man on the street video interviews by a roving video crew.  With so many attendees who have great knowledge about your industry and likely great enthusiasm you can gather many voices and create many videos.
  2. In-Booth video testimonials.  When happy clients come to see you, capturing video reviews on site at a trade show make a fun moment and great video content.
  3. In-Booth broadcasting.  Some booths like to live-stream video or do a talk show style video production on location in the booth.  It makes for a very interesting experience for passers by and creates excellent video content for your YouTube Channel and other social media platforms.
  4. Recap B-roll Videos.  Big events like NAB in Vegas and IMTS in Chicago and ICAST in Orlando are all wow-factor events.  The feeling and vibe you get on the floor is like none other.  Sharing the event highlights – with your booth as an anchor feature and your people and products as a theme – makes a great experience for the people who can’t attend and had serious FOMO.  It’s a fun gift for the people who came to see you, too.  They can relive a sliver of the event and share with their peers.

[ps2id id=’event-videos’ target=”/]Event Videos:

In similar style to Trade Show Videos, many corporations hold events.  Each event deserves solid video coverage that results in a great event recap video.

At events we also see a lot of live speakers, training and demos.  Those are top targets for a company to film, edit into digital training resources, and share in a variety of creative distribution styles.  We’re very big fans of helping clients with gated content that captures emails and opens lines of communication.

One great example of this has been when we worked with SMP (Systems Management Planning), now part of the ePlus Corporation.  SMP hosted numerous events throughout the year in which we covered both the fun and the business angles with different videos.

In the business videos we featured guest speakers and internal experts who were teaching live at the event.  Those videos were long, clean, and easy for us to cut up into teachable moments.

The rest of the events, like their famous OctoberFest Annual Beer and Pretezel festival, were so much fun to show on screen.  The videos were fun recaps that attendees enjoyed and they were indeed a FOMO inducing product that encouraged potential attendees to come next time.

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