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I Can: The Two Little Words That Will Grow Your Business

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I can!

Tiny words they may be, but in terms of power, they could lead you on to success in business.


When you say ‘I can,’ you will persevere during those times when you are plagued with self-doubt.

When you say ‘I can,’ you will inspire your customers and your employees with your resilient spirit.

When you say ‘I can,’ you will give yourself the impetus to solve the problems that face you and to hurdle those obstacles that get in your way.

When you say ‘I can,’ your positive mindset will energize you to take action, to keep going, and to succeed, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.

So, when you say I can,’ great things are sure to happen.

Try it now, and relate it to your life, be it for aspects of your business or your personal life. And keep those words in your mind, because let’s face it, the alternative is saying that you ‘can’t, and where is that going to get you? Nowhere, that’s where.

With a negative disposition, you are less likely to persevere when times are hard. You are less likely to inspire others, and you are more likely to bring them down to your level of negativity. You are not going to have the impetus to find solutions to your problems in life or business. And your negative attitude is going to de-energize you, meaning that you will be caught up in a vicious circle where your tiredness and low moods drive you further into negative thought patterns.

In business and in life, you need to change your perspective to win. It’s the power of positive thinking; the mindset that can lead you onto success. Of course, you’re not perfect, and you will need help occasionally, but if you think better about yourself, you might surprise yourself in what you can do.

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Today then, start to use the words ‘I can’ throughout every aspect of your business. We will give you a few examples below. Try them, and see what difference they make to your life.


You can! As we suggested a moment ago, you aren’t perfect. However, if you have any inherent weaknesses that hold you back in business, you can take steps to improve yourself.

You might take an e-learning course, for example, or you might go back to night school to train yourself up in any areas where you fall down.

You can read books written by those business gurus who have gone before you, and you can take inspiration from the personal stories and tidbits of personal wisdom that they afford you.

You can practice those tasks that grind you down, and even if you don’t attain perfection, you might still get better at the things that you once struggled with.

And you can sit at the feet (probably not literally) of the people with the power to help you, be that a business mentor, skilled colleague, or a conference speaker, and learn from what they can teach you to better yourself.

So, research training providers. Look to better yourself by attending business conferences. Think about the avenues available to you, using sites such as to give you the resources you need, so you don’t make any mistakes. And get further help where necessary.

You can be better, so don’t look down at yourself. Don’t think you won’t be able to attain much beyond where you are now. The power to improve yourself is within you, so tell yourself ‘I can’ and then take the actionable steps to get to where you want to be.


You’re a busy person; we get it! Running a business is tough, and there will be loads of tasks, both big and small, that will make up your day. And beyond your business, you might also have roles as a mother, a wife, and a friend, and your time will be eaten up by all of the responsibilities that come with these positions. Just when are you supposed to make time for yourself?

Here’s the thing. You need to make time. If you don’t, you are going to push yourself towards burnout, and that will be no good for you or your business. And here’s the good news, you can make time for yourself. Telling yourself that you can will give you the impetus to look at how you might do it.

So, you might start to delegate more at work. If you have people on your team, you probably have people that can take on those tasks that you shouldn’t be dealing with anyway.

You could start to outsource more too, especially with those jobs that are better left in the hands of people who might have more time to commit than you do. We are thinking about those firms who can help you to market your business. We are thinking about accountancy firms who could help you manage your finances. And there are bound to be other areas of your business where outsourcing is possible.

You might start saying ‘no’ more too. You probably don’t have to attend every business meeting you are invited to. You probably shouldn’t take on every project that comes your way, as you might not have time to put quality work in. And when you are tempted by distractions that threaten to eat into your worktime – hello Facebook and YouTube – tell yourself ‘no’ so that you can get on with your to-do list.

By finding ways to free up your time, you won’t have to do overtime. You won’t have to tire yourself out, and you will be able to return to your business refreshed the next day. This will improve your overall productivity, and this, as you know, is vital if you want to find success within your business.

So, tell yourself that you can make time for yourself, and then look at all the ways that you can unbusy your business life. And then consider the same for your personal life too, so you can finally carve out some me-time for yourself to better improve the health of yourself and ultimately, your business too.

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Who are we talking about? Your business rivals, of course. Both large and small, you will have competition to worry about on a daily business. And especially when considering the bigger businesses that threaten you, you might assume that you don’t have what it takes to beat them.

And here’s the thing. If you give in to the threat of your rivals, then they are going to stomp all over you. You will do less to try to counter what they are doing to better you. And they will continue to find success, while your business crumbles and falls. Is that what you want? No, of course not!

So, tell yourself that you can beat them. And if the odds are too high, then at least tell yourself that you can match them. This will give you the impetus to persevere, to strive to be the best that you can be and to do more to win customers over to your side.

So, here’s what you need to do. For starters, look at what your nearest rivals are doing, and then find ways to better them. Can you create a more functional product? Could you reduce your prices? Are there any benefits that you can promote to your customers? The more you can do to better your business, the greater the foothold you will gain for your business.

Remember too that while your business might be small, you don’t have to think small. Many large companies started off in the little leagues, and there is no reason why your business couldn’t follow suit if your aspirations are high. Jeff Bezos at Amazon and Steve Jobs at Apple are the obvious examples; starting off in their garage spaces, their businesses eventually grew and grew. However, here are some other business examples that might inspire you to fight from your little corner of the business world.

You can also use intimacy to the advantage of your business. Not many big businesses have the time to create relationships with their customers, but you could. By speaking to your customers and clients on the phone, and by making contact through social media, you might get a better understanding of what it is they want. By taking the necessary steps, you will then have a greater chance at retaining their loyalty, and should they let others know of what you have done, your business might grow further.


The odds will sometimes be against you. Success isn’t always guaranteed. However, with a can-do spirit instead of an ‘I can’t’ attitude, you stand a greater chance of improving and growing your business.

Today then, correct any negative thinking. Replace the word ‘can’t’ with ‘can’ whenever your mind dovetails into doubt. And try to maintain a mindset of positivity, in every circumstance.

You can do it; the power to do so is within you, we promise!

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