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9 Ways to Increase Engagement and Conversions on Your Website

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Business websites are about generating and increasing sales. Obviously traffic and click-throughs are important parts of the process, but eventually you need to get people to either make a purchase or take the next step.

To get those sales, you need to implement the right strategies. Here are some tips about how to optimize your overall individual strategy.

1-Use the Right Design

Website users engage based on their feelings, and a well-designed website with an optimized landing page can help create the perfect emotional experience to get visitors to act and convert at a higher rate. The right layout, properly distributed white space, contrast, typography, style and high quality pictures will help visitors to convert on your website.

2-Emphasize Video

There’s obviously nothing wrong with having great written content, but studies show that video is now the number one source of content, and it’s driving approximately 80 percent of all Web traffic.

professional-level video improves the searchability of your site, and it increases the average time visitors will spend on your page. That means higher conversion rates, so if you’re not using video that means you are losing the opportunities.

3-Draw a Perfect Sitemap

If the architecture of your site doesn’t present your information in a way that creates the ultimate path to action, you’re losing conversions.

You need to know your target audience and the specific stages of how they make decisions, and your website needs to take them towards that path by serving up the right information at the right time.

4-Use the Opt-In Forms

Even if your website is not an E-Commerce platform, you still can get conversions with opt-in forms that allow visitors to provide contact information in exchange for a value, which in turn makes them a contact in your database.

This allows your team to follow up on leads with an upsell proposition and convert that initial traffic into sales.

5-Optimize the User Experience

Promoting your services or products is just one purpose of your website. Carefully designed landing pages should also guide customers on their journey to a sale. The right design elements can help to achieve this goal, along with messaging that directs customers on a path to your high priority offerings.

6-Explain Your Values Clearly

Your value pitch should be clear from the moment a potential customer enters your site. It should be quick, and it should tell them why they should buy from you.

Use active headlines to get across the value of different purchases, then follow it with copy that supports that value proposition with benefit statements. Make sure to use high quality pictures to help tell a story that in turn supports that benefit statement.

7-Implement a Top-of-Mind Strategy

The standard number of sales conversions on any given site is 2-3 percent, and statistics show that most visitors won’t convert on the first visit.

That means you need to have a strategy to stay in their minds and make them come back, so pay extra attention to remarketing and retargeting. Making them remember your brand, is the key to getting them to come back and buy.

8-Know Your Customers and Get Specific about Their Needs

While it’s true that your website represents your products or services and your company, it also needs to specifically address the concerns and worries of your potential customers.

That means your landing pages need to speak directly to your defined audiences, and it should guide them through the narrative journey to act with specificity and precision.

9-Use Remarketing to Bring Them Back

Remarketing is an often overlooked way to get potential customers to go from researching to converting on your website, so set it up carefully and precisely using Google, Facebook or other platforms.

The goal is to use remarking to reinforce your top-of-mind strategy when customers see your display ads for a second or third time.

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