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Hunting: 7 Best Animals for Your First Hunt in Texas

Texas is a thriving region with lots of animals to hunt all year round.  It’s also the ideal place for first-time hunters because the place is bursting with animals.

Some animal species are off-limits to all hunters in certain seasons.

In doing so, the state maintains an ideal population of certain game animals.

When looking for animals to hunt in Texas, you have many to choose from. In this piece, we’ll look at 7 of the best animals to hunt in Texas.  These animals can be great for fireplace trophies or for making sizzling deer burgers.

Hunting Requirements in Texas

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, you are fit to hunt if you meet the following requirements.

  • A valid hunting license is mandatory before you hunt any animals. These animals include birds, deer, and even frogs.  The only exception is furbearers, but you must have an authentic trapper’s license.
  • You are allowed to hunt and kill depredating animals like hogs and coyotes. Individuals below the age of 17 can apply for a Youth Hunting License.
  • It is illegal to hunt on public roads or public pathways. It is also unlawful to possess deer that have been hit by a vehicle.
  • Hunter orange is not mandatory when hunting on private property. Hunting orange is, however, a must for public hunting. The department stipulates at least 400 square inches of fluorescent orange with 144 square inches visible on the chest and the back. You must also wear daylight fluorescent orange headwear when hunting in public regions.
  • You may possess and sell off the following animal parts: the skull, antlers, hooves, bones, and the animal hide from a hunt. Feathers, feet, and bones from migratory birds are prohibited from selling for ornamental purposes like making hats.
  • You cannot hunt during the closed season. The only allowed time for hunting is denoted as the open season where all hunting is legal but for certain animals only.

If you follow all these regulations, then you can freely do your hunting without any disruption from the state or any penalties for unlawful hunting.

7 Animals to Hunt in Texas

Texas is world-renowned for its incredible hunting experience. The State harvest about 430,000 to 500,00 whitetails every year. No wonder hunters from in and out the state flock Texas to get some game for sport or business.

If it’s your first time hunting in Texas, you can always settle for a guided hunt. Guided hunts take two or three days, and you’ll make your hunts successful and memorable.

When in Texas, here are 7 fantastic animals to look out for during your hunts. These animals can be excellent additions to your trophy collection.

1. The White-Tailed Deer

The white-tailed is the most commonly hunted animal in Texas. Its distinctive white tail makes it easier to spot. It is the most populous animal species in Texas and is found in all parts of the state.

When these deer perceive danger, they raise their tails as they evade. This action is what animal experts call ‘flagging’. It signals that the deer is about to take flight, so you should act accordingly.

For every white deer you hunt, ensure you fill the log at the back of your license. Doing so helps the state keep tabs on the number of deer harvested. It’s also nice proof of your hunting prowess.

2. The Mule Deer

The mule deer is a relative of the white-tailed deer. Even though the white-tailed deer has prestige, the mule deer is also a great harvest.

Texas has about 250,000 mules you could harvest. They don’t have the white tail like the white-tailed deer. They, however, have an excellent pair of antlers that you could sell or use as a trophy.

The mule deer will look great above your fireplace.

3. The Alligator

The American Alligator is the only Native American species of alligator. If you don’t mind a little water, the American alligator is always a great harvest.

Eastern Texas is brimming with these fine reptile species. However, hunting alligators takes some great skill. Alligators are open for hunting in September and April to June during the fall hunting season.

You can hunt alligators with a simple hook that you leave overnight. This method is just like fishing, but there’s no guarantee of harvest. The more refined hunters use bang sticks, which are long rods with powerheads attached at one end.

These powerheads have a single-round mechanism, hence the name bang stick.

4. Elk

Some folks consider elk an exotic species. However, some might argue that the elk are in fact, native to Texas.  Pointing at some now extinct native Texas elk subspecies.

Elks are common in private ranches, but if you snag yourself an elk in public, then you’re in luck.

5. The Mountain Lion

Texas boasts a thriving mountain lion population. These fine creatures, though elusive, really make for a great hunt.

The state doesn’t protect mountain lions, and thus, you can hunt them at whatever time.

6. The Pronghorn

Texas doesn’t have as many pronghorns as it did a while back. However, the dwindling numbers don’t mean you can’t land yourself a fine pronghorn.

You can find pronghorns in Panhandle with excellent trophy quality.

7. Exotics

Texas also has some great exotic species that aren’t native to Texas. These species include the nilgai antelope, the blackbuck deer, and the aoudad sheep.

It’s Always a Great Hunt in Texas

Texas is brimming with incredible animals to hunt in Texas that makes for a great hunt.

If it’s your first time hunting in Texas, you won’t be disappointed. Remember to have all the requirements on lock before planning your hunting expedition.

Hopefully, you’ll have a fun and successful hunt in Texas. Contact us today to lease hunting ranches for an even better hunting experience.

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