Why Lithium?

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There’s a clean energy revolution taking place in the world today, and Lithium Battery Power is at the forefront with innovation that’s truly changing the game. But, how do our state of art lithium ion phosphate batteries become reality? And, what does the future hold for Lithium Battery Power?

A look into our factory holds the answers. Lithium Battery Power builds advanced lithium ion batteries for any application from 12 volts to 1000 volts. We mainly focus on manufacturing our line of 12V lithium ion batteries, specifically designed to replace lead acid battery technology. The Lithium Battery Power factory has nearly 3000 employees, including over 300 engineers and research staff. Our cell manufacturing plant is one of the most advanced lithium ion phosphate battery factories in the world. Our latest plant, finished in 2015, is currently the most advanced in the industry. This factory is equipped with a fully automatic production process that builds thousands of high performance lithium ion battery cells every day and can produce over 500,000 cells per day, in full production. Our team of engineers and researchers have been continuously improving the performance and safety of this technology for the past decade. Lithium Battery Power lithium ion batteries are used in thousands of applications around the world and continue to set the standard for this technology. In 2013, a scholar workstation for application materials was established, attracting hundreds of the world’s best technicians. Lithium Battery Power lithium ion phosphate batteries are among the safest on our planet. Our cells are bolted together, which adds ridged strength and conductivity to the battery pack. This design is highly awarded for its capability to handle extreme vibration. To maintain safety and performance under tough conditions, each Lithium Battery Power battery cell is built in an explosion-proof stainless-steel case and manufactured with a flame-retardant electrolyte. In the unlikely event of cell would begin to overheat, an internal thermal fuse will disconnect, taking that cell offline while allowing the rest of the battery to continue operating with little reduced capacity. Lithium Battery Power, lithium ion batteries are built by combining multiple 3pt volt 5AH cylindrical cells in series and in parallel to create the specified voltage and capacity. Each battery pack is built with cells that matched together, based on ten consistencies, including: Resistance, Impedance, Charge and Discharge curves, along with several other factors that are a critical step in our battery pack manufacturing process to ensure long cycle life and reliability. Our latest manufacturing plant is equipped with a fully automatic production process, which is the most advanced in the industry. improving efficiency by more than five (5) times. Lithium Battery Power lithium ion batteries are manufactured to be used as a drop-in replacement for any application that uses lead acid, AGM, or gel batteries. Whether you have a small boat, large yacht, or RV, you can replace your lead batteries with a Lithium Battery Power lithium ion battery. Whether it’s a simple 12-volt drop-in replacement or a custom lithium ion battery for aerospace and industrial applications, Lithium Battery Power’s team of engineers can help turn your next battery project into a simple plug and play solution, taking the complexity out of upgrading your batteries and integrating them into your application. Lithium Battery Power’s break-through lithium ion phosphate battery solutions are green and non-hazardous compared to toxic lead acid batteries, along with being 70% lighter and lasting more than 10 years or up to 5,000 cycles. It makes sense to buy a Lithium Battery Power battery. Easily upgrade your RV, boat or commercial equipment with Lithium Battery Power lithium ion technology.

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