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How to Write Legal Blogs that Win Clients

In a cyber world where you’re competing with over a billion other websites, you need more than just the standard SEO and information sharing blog. If you want to attract visitors you need to grab their attention and keep it.

So how do you attract and win over consumers? What turns a blog visitor into a loyal client relying on your services for years to come?

Keep reading to learn what consumers look for in legal blogs and how to deliver quality content while exceeding their expectations.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

If you’re trying to attract visitors to your blog, you need to get their attention with visual content. It’s a fact that posts with images have more than 650% better engagement than posts that only contain text.

You can’t win them over if you can’t get them to your blog in the first place. 

Creating opportunities for engagement is crucial to your online marketing strategy and how you design your blog posts.

Videos and images can also be search engine optimized. This gives you more chances to rank higher in search results. 

Stepp & Sullivan does a great job of combining expert content, images and videos to attract and connect with their visitors.

Unique and Helpful Content

If you want people to keep coming back and to trust you with their legal issues based on your blog content, then you need to post content that inspires trust, confidence, and provides helpful information.

Your legal blog content needs to give them something they can’t find anywhere else. This way, you become an expert resource for consumers searching for legal information. It also helps your site rank higher in search engines.

Connect Emotionally with Readers

If you want to find loyal customers through your blog, you need to reach the emotions of readers and gain their trust. This is only possible by convincing them that you truly care about their best interests. They need to trust that you know what you’re talking about.

You can’t give actual advice related to their individual situation, but you can let readers know how you can help them deal with whatever situation they’re in.

Engage and Respond

You need to build a rapport and create a connection with a potential client to win them over. This can only be done if you engage their interest and communicate your desire to help them.

Providing opportunities for interactions, such as having comment sections on your blog, providing email or contact forms, and prominently displaying contact information will encourage engagement.

When clients or potential clients do leave comments or attempt to connect with you, it’s important that you respond in a timely fashion.

Even if you’re just responding to a tweet, be sure that your interactions are professional and respectful. One insensitive or volatile comment can end up isolating you and offending potential clients without even realizing it.

Legal Blogs Take Work

If you want results from your legal blogs, you need to put work into them. It takes time and consistency to make any blog successful. Consistently add dynamic content with visual and video accents to attract potential clients and build a relationship with the ones you already have.

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