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Back-To-School: Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pains

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Heading back to school can be exciting as well as nerve-racking for both parents and children. Unfortunately, back-to-school time can also cause shoulder and back pain due to carrying heavy backpacks. Back and neck pain can also occur from sitting at desks for long periods or from improper posture. At Fairway Chiropractic Centre in Kitchener, we offer treatment for a range of conditions, including neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Start the School Right with These Tips

To minimize back and shoulder pain, students should choose the right backpack. A backpack that rests on both shoulders evenly distributes the weight while single-strap bags can cause uneven stress on your body. Students should stand up straight even when carrying their backpacks.

On top of this, backpacks should weigh no more than 15% of the student’s weight. Because many students’ bags weigh more than this, your child may lean forward, leading to poor posture and discomfort. Remove any unnecessary items from the bag, encourage your child to stop at their locker in between classes, or rearrange their schedule to reduce the load they’re carrying in their backpacks. Keep the heavier items closest to the student’s back.

Students should also practice sitting up straight with proper posture while in class or when using an electronic device.  Flexing stomach muscles from time to time helps strengthen the core. Period breaks allow students to stand and stretch to minimize pain.

While these steps can help with pain caused by school activities, some people continue to struggle with discomfort. If you or your child is one of those people, it might be time to see a chiropractor. Our chiropractor can help with spinal issues caused by poor posture, long periods of sitting or carrying backpacks. Our chiropractor in Kitchener can treat you or your child’s pain and manipulate the spine to reduce future injuries.

Get Help for Your Pain Today

Fairway Chiropractic Centre, serving Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, New Hamburg, Guelph, and surrounding areas, can help treat your back, neck, or shoulder pain. Call 519-748-5916 today for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

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