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AI Automation Transforms Investor Relations Media Outreach Forever

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Your client’s stock is underperforming because their evolving brand is receiving limited, if any, organic media coverage. Now more than ever, conveying powerful and strategic information to active investors is not a promotional necessity, but a requirement for company survival. IR firms need hyper-potent and surgically targeted solutions to tear down the barriers that divide them from critical investor attention. In this current economic environment, messages of crisis and uncertainty rule the airwaves, and this has had both devastating impacts on publicly traded companies, while simultaneously forcing the American “problem solving via technological innovation” mentality to kick into high gear. There is now a powerful solution to the conundrum that is killing publicly traded companies.

A solution has been brought to the forefront that virtually eliminates one of the most devastating and omnipresent issues that plague publicly traded companies; that is the lack of media engagement that opens new doors to investment potential. With the current crisis plunging us into a new age, those looking to maneuver their big ideas into the spotlight can harness new publicity strategies such as Ronin Autom8. When organizations and experts turn to new-age artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, they are positioned to attain mass media exposure that aligns with their goals and message. Working with automation tools gives investor relations experts the time to focus on what they do best, growing the reach of their company through new funding opportunities.

Engineered to fill the void between industry niches organizations with a need for surgically targeted message delivery and the media, Ronin Autom8 positions companies at the forefront of their lane. The automation of publicity opens up a new era of potential success for investor relations firms and experts, leaving traditional publicity strategies in the dust.

Utilizing automation and artificial intelligence, Ronin Autom8, by Stitch Publicity, provides an endless cascade of fresh and daily media opportunities and engagements, taking clients and their organization’s communication strategies to entirely new levels of success.

For investor relations firms fostering the growth of several large or small publicly traded companies, surgically targeted media outreach can revolutionize their value. Ronin Autom8 takes the grind and hours of cold calling out of pitching media. It fully automates this process to target and pitch journalists and media outlets most active in their niche space and need of experts for interviews. Many companies receive 50 to 500+ media pitches per day due to this fully automated powerhouse of a strategy.

Ronin Autom8 is available as an ultra-affordable monthly service, or as part of Stitch Publicity’s completely “done for you” Guaranteed Publicity service. Offering publicly traded companies, the tools needed to truly dominate the media cycle of their industry niche and meant to force active investors to wake up and take notice virtually.

Stitch Publicity’s Guaranteed Publicity program offers a complete menu of prolific AI-enhanced white glove options that will enable a tectonic shift in brand authority for practically any investor relations firm that utilizes this turnkey power platform for their publicly traded clients. Delivering 4 to 8+ media opportunities every month, each engagement has its very own viral social media outreach campaign by utilizing multi-vector publicity strategies meant to take any company from its current PR position and catapult the influence of their brand.

Through Stitch Publicity’s full-service Guaranteed Publicity program, the clients’ brand is consistently promoted in a way that reflects the sentiment of their expansive potential and vision. For investor relations experts that build momentum and cultivate investor relationships for their client, Ronin Autom8 and the implementation of the Guaranteed Publicity program is long overdue. Regardless of size, publicly traded companies and their investor relations experts are empowered by the addition of automation technology.

By implementing the program to their methodology, clients also gain access to several elements that further the drive of their industry niche movement. Including a full-service production studio, media, and industry niche influencer outreach, content writing services, and keynote speaking opportunities. Investor relations firms and experts are in a unique position to overhaul their approach and harness the new era in turnkey technology and next-generation business strategy.

When publicly traded companies and their investor relations experts keep up to date with the latest technological shifts meant to help them cover more distance, quicker and at a lower price point, they are cultivating and compounding new forms of endless potential. By harnessing the full power of AI injected automation technology like Ronin Autom8, or by a fully enhanced AI and targeted publicity strategy offered by Stitch Publicity’s Guaranteed Publicity program, investor relations firms maximize the entirety of each granular layer of possibilities of a 24/7 media outreach and publicity machine running on their behalf. Stitch Publicity’s programs streamline your investor relations media engagement strategy to run in the background, 247 at full tilt, and on autopilot.

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