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How To Use Wall Art Prints to Spruce Up Your Living Spaces

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Decorate your home with unique Wall Arts

Most interior décor ideas you find online are a dime a dozen. They’re easy to find, but how many of them actually work? Not a lot. Instead, the kind of time and budget they expect you to have is, frankly, unreasonable sometimes.

While a piece of fancy furniture or expensive drapes may be a yearly splurge, the right wall art prints can brighten your home any day. Best of all, they’re affordable, and you get a wide variety of options if you know where to look.

Today, we’ll share with you some easy but incredibly effective wall art ideas that are sure to add life and color to your home. To make sure that each idea and item mentioned here fits all homes, we created the list to meet some requirements.

  • Depending on your personal taste, each wall art idea on this list can fit into any living room, library, bedroom, kitchen, etc.
  • All items are affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Every idea here also makes a great gift for friends and family.
  • Most wall art prints mentioned here can be personalized with names and numbers.
  • Each wall art print comes in a variety of sizes ranging from a small 5 x 7 inches to much larger dimensions of 24 x 36 inches.
  • These wall arts are also available as digital downloads via email. So, you can get instant delivery and then print/frame it as you wish.

Ok, now that you know what you’re getting, let’s begin!

1.    Word for word

Word art is a fresh way of combining literature and visuals to form a unique look. Most wall art prints you see in homes are generic paintings of landscapes. So, having a word art print on your wall can add that classy yet casual touch to the room. With the right word art print, you can change a dull living room into an elegantly decorated space.

And we’re not just talking random words put together in a frame. Go for word prints that you can personalize with names or special dates. For instance, a personalized wall art honoring a graduation, or a customized frame for a family member who likes football both make great additions to your home. There’s really no end to the wide variety of designs you can get just with this theme alone.

2.    Artfully Abstract

A great way to add some mystery to your home décor is through abstract wall art. But you don’t need an obscure Jackson Pollock to get it done. The great thing about uncommon abstract art is that they please both hardcore art lovers and laypersons alike. So, choosing a design is easy, especially if it’s affordable and well-made.

Get creative and pick some cool watercolor abstract prints to add to your décor. Watercolor art can achieve those light passages and dry brush effects better than most other paints. And they’re great at blending in with your fabrics and walls.

The design can be anything from a sporty soccer to a trippy astronaut. You can even go for a peaceful trio of elephants that will add that oriental charm to your living room.

3.    Kitchen Quotes

Most of the endless hours we spend in the kitchen would be way better if it was decked up and decorated the right way. But the kitchen’s not the best place for premium drapes and fancy cushions. So, if there’s one thing that can fit into any kitchen and still lift up the appearance, it’s the right wall art!

While you can go for abstract pieces or other personalized pieces, nothing shines like wall art that’s specially made for the kitchen.

And there are tons of options to choose from. You can go for a snazzy ‘Kitchen rules’ art, a funny message, or a classic mom-joke on wine. These individual pieces are all worth keeping, though. So, if you’re having trouble choosing, just go for a whole set of four that has comes with clever puns that will motivate you as much as they amuse.

4.    Is there a Doctor in the House?

This one is a quirky take on home décor. If you have anyone practicing medicine at home, medical-themed wall art can be the perfect wall companion. Of course, we don’t mean boring old lab coats and pictures of stethoscopes.

You can choose something more symbolic, like an abstract Caduceus Wall Art. The Caduceus symbol is the universal icon for doctors everywhere. And having it as a décor item on your wall shows your appreciation for the profession and that you have a practitioner at home.

For an even more unique décor idea, you can go for this gorgeous fusion of floral art and anatomy. It’s a piece that truly stands out because of its eccentric elegance and unconventional beauty.

5.    The Wordsmith’s Art

An innovative way of expressing art is through what we like to call ‘Dictionary Art.’ If you’re wondering what it looks like, browse through a wonderful collection of Dictionary art right here.

These prints impose clever images on random pages of a dictionary to look embedded on the dictionary’s page. Some may call it new-age art, while others may consider it non-mainstream. Either way, it’s a unique take on wall art printing, and it’s sure to bring a fresh look to your wall.

This one is especially ideal if you have wordsmiths or crossword fans at home. It shows that you care about their interests, however trivial they may seem. And it can potentially build better bonds of the relationship too in the long run.

The Kraken Dictionary Art is a great choice if you have kids who love mythical creatures. And the Dabbing Santa Claus is sure to amuse both young and old when the holiday season approaches. How about a Lighthouse Dictionary Art that will go well in a study room or library? Whatever your preference, there are dozens to choose from.

So, those are some unique ways of livening up your home’s look with unique wall art prints. Make sure you check back here for updates on new ideas and great deals!

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