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How to Use a Vape the Right Way: A Basic Guide

Trying anything new can be scary, but vapes are particularly mysterious. How do these strange little machines work, how do you inhale vape, and what does the vapor taste like?

If you’re looking for answers to these questions, you came to the right place! We’ve put together a simple guide, walking you through the basics steps on how to use a vape.

Your vaping journey starts now! 

What Is a Vape?

Vapes are handheld electronic devices that create an inhalable vapor. The vapor can be flavored and is often laced with nicotine or CBD oils.

There are a few different types of vapes available, namely vape pens, vape mods, cig-a-likes, and pod mods. All these devices work in much the same way.

A battery inside the vape activates a heating element that turns e-juice into vapor. The user then inhales this vapor through a mouthpiece.

Some vapes are disposable, designed to be thrown away when the battery or e–juice cartridge becomes depleted. Others have rechargeable batteries.

Choosing the Right Type of E-Juice

Before you start vaping, you’ll need to decide what type of e-juice you want to use. This not only involves picking a flavor and nicotine level, you also need to decide on a PG/VG ratio.

PG, propylene glycol, carries a stronger flavor and a more intense, cigarette-like, burn. VG, vegetable glycerin, has a less intense flavor but creates better vapor, helping you blow bigger clouds. VG is recommended for beginners as it hurts your throat less and causes fewer allergies.

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How to Inhale Vape

There are two main inhalation techniques that vaper’s use.

Mouth to lung creates the same feeling as pulling on a cigarette. It works best on small-sized vapes with high-resistance coils.

Take a slow draw on the vape and hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, open your mouth and breathe the vapor into your lungs. Exhale once you feel the vapor hit your lungs.

Direct to lung inhaling creates a smoother hit and is often described as being more like a “bong hit”. Simply draw the vapor straight into your lungs and exhale immediately. Direct to lung vaping works best on large-sized vapes with low-resistance coils.

A high nicotine level of between 12-60mg is ideal for mouth to lung vaping, while low nicotine levels of 0 -6mg are best for direct to lung vaping.

Clean Your Vape Regularly

Over time your vape tank will accumulate flavor residue and debris. This can affect your vapor output and make your vape flavor taste burnt or muddled.

To clean your vape, disassemble the unit and rinse the tank, mouthpiece, and atomizer in warm water. Make sure to thoroughly air dry each piece before use.

Don’t Overdo It

Give your vape a rest between sessions to allow the heating element to cool down. Constant use may result in the element overheating, causing lasting damage. 

Regular vaping breaks will also prevent you from developing “Vaper’s Tongue”. Vaper’s Tongue refers to damaged taste buds from overusing your vape or certain vape flavors. 

Take a look through these vaping tips before you get started.

Now You Know How to Use a Vape the Right Way

You don’t have to worry about looking like a vape newbie anymore. This simple guide will give you the confidence to explore vaping and discover which mods and e-juices suit you best.

Once you know your preferences, and how to inhale properly, you’ll get the most out of your vape. With a little bit of practice, you’ll learn how to use a vape like a pro!

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