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5 Essential Cooking Utensils You Need for Your First Kitchen

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Congratulations! You kicked college’s butt and now you’re moving into your first apartment. We get it, the first thing on your mind is what style you’re going to decorate your walls in. And should you get a cheese plant?

But all that moving is going to make you hungry. And that’s when you head into your new kitchen and remember that you forgot to buy cooking utensils. Yup, basic kitchen stuff.

No fear though. Here’s a quick list of essential kitchen utensils for your new pad!

1. Tongs

Barbecues, pasta, sausages…the list goes on. Tongs are so useful for a ton of cooking needs so don’t forget yours.

The best option is to get a pair of quality tongs with silicone handles that can withstand high temperatures. There’s nothing worse than leaving your tongs on a hot pan and burning yourself when you go to pick them up.

2. Cheese Grater

When you need a handful of grated cheese to top that killer pasta dish you just made, you don’t want to have to cut it all by hand. Rookie error. Every kitchen should contain at least one cheese grater but we recommend two.

Your first cheese grater should be a sturdy box grater with four sides. Each side has different-sized holes, perfect for different cheeses. Your second cheese grater should be a flat grater, ideal for grating directly over dishes.

Don’t forget that graters aren’t just for cheese! You can use them to grate carrot, root ginger, and vegetables. Oh, did we mention they’re perfect for grating chocolate too?

3. Spatula

You might have a degree from M.I.T but you won’t get far in life without a spatula. Spatulas can be used for so much in the kitchen. Stir-fries, stirring sauces, flipping burgers, and more, this is one of the true kitchen essentials.

Just like the tongs, choose a spatula that has a heat-resistant silicone handle so you can always hold it comfortably. Silicone-headed spatulas are ideal too as they won’t scratch pans or roasting trays.

4. Ladle

When winter hits and you want to serve up warming soups and hearty stews, a ladle will be your best friend. They’re also great for sauces like that amazing bechamel you’re going to try for your next lasagna. Yum.

5. Tin Opener

Have you ever tried opening a tin without a tin opener? It’s a quick way to slice your hand open. Until every single tin comes with a pull-loop, a tin opener is a kitchen essential.

If you’re doing a postgraduate degree and living in one of the incredible one bedroom apartments on campus, you might make some friends knocking on doors asking for a tin opener. But if not, you’ll be burying your head in your hands and wondering why you forgot to buy one.

Be a Master Chef with These Cooking Utensils

There’s so much to think about when you move into your first apartment after college that it’s easy to forget simple things.

But no matter how the job search is going or how scary your master’s degree looks, with these cooking utensils you’re one step closer to being totally on top of things.

Follow us for more great tips and don’t forget your cheese grater!

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