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How to Teach Yourself the Horoscope

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Horoscopes are checked daily by people all over the world.  Nearly one million people search their daily horoscope in order to find answers about: happiness, love, work, job opportunity, money, career and spirituality.

The horoscope calendar has 12 different zodiac signs. The twelve zodiac signs are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These 12 zodiac signs represent a different month.  When someone checks their horoscope, they will choose the zodiac sign that represents their month of birth.

Horoscopes will often have more meaning to the reader when they use their exact date and time of birth.  Every second will matter in astrology. Horoscopes are part of the astrological calendar and used in astrology to predict future events in people’s lives.

Anyone Can Learn How To Read Horoscopes

How to Design Your Own Birth Chart

Your birth chart is a picture of the sky as it happened at the time of your birth.  The birth chart reveals the exact place that a planet was at the moment you were born.  It also tells which constellation it was part of on your birth date and year.  The more precise you are with details, the higher accuracy you will have in your chart.

It’s important to know that having your exact birth chart information can help you to make important decisions in your life.  You may be shocked to know that your birth chart is like a blueprint over what will happen in your life.

Your birth chart will give you information about your personality and why you are the person that you are.  Your birth chart has a natal chart.  This tells the astrologer that is giving you a psychic reading where the planets were located around the sun at the time of your birth.

Your birth chart is also going to tell you how strong of a person you are. It will explain your level of courage and determination for life.  It will let you know if you have what it takes to become more powerful as well. Your birth chart says a lot about your outlook on life and future career/life goals.

It is also going to tell you how you can improve your spiritual life.  Most people don’t know that you can understand your inner most spirituality through reading a horoscope.

Before getting an astrology reading, its best to get a hold of your birth certificate.  It will tell you a lot about the time and date of your birth. If you can’t find your birth certificate, you may want to check with the cities vital records in order to get a copy. The copy usually costs around $25.00.

Horoscopes Are In Part Psychic

Your birth certificate will help the astrologer to find out what your ascendant and rising sun was.  When an astrologer looks at your zodiac sign, they are looking for information concerning the twelve houses that each of the planets inhabited during your day and time of birth.

The planets Venus and Mars play and important part of your horoscope.  Venus is the planet that represents love in a person’s life. It tells the astrologer if there is a soulmate out there for you in the universe and when they will enter your life.  If every man and woman had a copy of this information, it would literally change your life.  You would be happy and pleased to know that you can literally see on paper when Mr. Wright and Mrs. Wrong is going to enter your life.

The planet Saturn will explain a lot about your need to put forth more effort in your life. You may have to work harder in school or work. Perhaps you won’t be the next Donald Trump billionaire, but the planet Saturn will let you know what you need to work on.

If you ever wondered about striking it lucky with lottery wins or hitting the jackpot in the casino, the planet Jupiter will give you information about that.  Your chart will also inform you of the aspects of angels in your chart as well.

If your zodiac sign has three or more planets in them, it will let the astrologer know if you operate with one frequency or many.  Many people have two sides to them that are rather strong. They may feel powerful one moment and the next moment have no idea who they are.

Your astrology chart will also tell you how balanced you are in your elements.  The elements in your birth chart will represent fire, water signs, air and earth.  It will explain how balanced your fixed signs are as well.

How Often Should You Have a New Birth Chart Created?

It’s best to have a new birth chart created at the beginning of the New Year and on your birthday.  Technically, twice a year should be plentiful.  Your birth chart can take weeks to put together if done professionally. If you want to do this on your own, there is a lot of astrology software on the market today that can give you an eye opener as to which software is best.


You Can Learn How To Write Horoscopes

A natal chart should be compared to the planets that were moving at the exact time of your birth.  Each planet will have a certain position in which it takes on. You will be able to see their location.

A transiting planet is represented by orange.  A natal planet is represented by blue.  These two planets will let you know how challenging life can be for you.

The planet Saturn represents authority and leadership.  It will allow the astrologer to see if your zodiac signs were contacting your natal chart.  The purpose of this is to let the astrologer know if you need to be more focused on your goals personally and focus more on you.

You may find out that you are interested mainly in helping other people. However, this may not be entirely good for you if it is holding you back from succeeding in your life.  It can be rather difficult to see the “light” in your own life without using astrology charts to guide you.

Transit charts are only used around New Years’ time. You are trying to see how the planets were in motion during your birthday.  In this way, you can plan your year ahead more accurately.  If your chart tells you that in March you will experience trouble in work, you may want to be extra nice that month or learn how to deal with a troublemaker on your job a lot better as well.

What Else Will Your Transit Chart Say About You?

  • Will You Have a Job Loss?
  • Will Your Love Relationship Experience a Breakup?
  • Will a New Lover Enter Your Life?
  • Will You Be Able to Relocate?
  • Will Anyone Be Dying Around You?

What is a Solar Return Chart?

The solar return chart is a birthday chart.  It gives you an outlook for that particular year.  It tells you what will happen to you throughout the year.  It’s a great chart that lets you know what to expect over the next several months.

If you get your solar return chart constructed every year, it will say something different about you.  You will come to learn what the future has in store for you and what you can do in order to discover your life a lot easier.

Talk About Horoscopes With Your Friends

Along with your solar return chart, you can examine your Compatibility Astrology Chart.  This will tell you how well you interact with other people.  You may find that you get along better with men than with women (vice versa).

If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you should put together a synastry chart.  It will give you a rough idea of your partners planetary alignment as well. It will give you good insight.  It will tell you how the two of you relate to one another based on your planetary alignment.

Lovers should also get a composite chart created.  It focuses on your center points together. It tells you why the two of you are together and what you can get out of the relationship.

As you can see, your horoscope is going to communicate a lot to you. Reading your horoscope in a generalized newspaper or magazine is not the best way to get an accurate picture on your life. It’s always best to get a full picture of everything that is happening in your life through a chart.

Learning more about your life through horoscopes is a fun and exciting way to see how the universe is setting up your life. You will see your true-life purpose and you can see which other zodiac signs you get along with.

Astrology signs help us to see that we may not be the person that we thought we were. We may find out that we are an extrovert when, we have been more introverted.  It lets you know that the “real you” are wanting to come out.

It’s important to write down your horoscope and keep it in a safe place. You can always use it as a reference tool later down the road.

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