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Introduction to antique rugs

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We offer a wide variety of rug categories including popular categories such as PersianTurkish, and Oriental. We also provide our customers with easy access to antique rugs. However, this also raises several questions for the homeowner. Today, we’re going to answer those as a part of our short introduction to antique rugs.

Let’s start by defining them.

What makes a rug antique?

Antique rugs are incredibly popular options for homeowners. They tie together a room beautifully and give it an indescribable sense of character. This also means there are a handful of myths to be aware of.

One of those is that a vintage rug and an antique rug are the same thing. They’re not. Antique rugs are at least 100 years old, whereas a vintage rug will sometimes artificially be made to look older than it is.

An antique rug, at least within our purview, will be handmade. This ties into the next question in our introduction to antique rugs.

Are antique rugs hard to care for?

Caring for an antique rug is often a concern that a consumer will have in the back of their mind. After all, the words durability and antique often don’t go hand in hand. Typically, something that is old enough to qualify as an antique will be more challenging to care for.

However, antique rugs defy this norm, as weavers of days gone by have spent significant time developing their weaving skills. Likewise, this means that antique rugs of the hand-knotted variety are often incredibly durable and easier to maintain.

In what sizes can you buy antique rugs?

That’s one of the unique things about antique rugs over modern-day constructions. Although today’s consumer has a general idea of rug sizes and how they would fit into a 21st-century home, that wasn’t the case in years gone by. Room shapes were less uniform, and rugs often served a different purpose back then.

Two common mistakes with antique rugs

We’ll unpack this section more in a future blog with even more details, so check back in soon for more details. However, there are two common mistakes a homeowner will make with an antique rug we want to cover today.

The first is how they clean it. We do not recommend using dangerous chemical cleaners, as they can affect and degrade the natural dyes of the rug. Another common mistake is that homeowners are afraid to walk on them or vacuum them. The reality is antique rugs have withstood the test of time.

From antique to vintage and beyond, we carry them all!

Rug Source is proudly based in the United States, offering homeowners across the country easy access to a massive selection of rugs from around the world. We carefully curate our inventory, ensuring that each rug is what it claims to be.

Are you looking for a particular style or are just getting started? Then contact our team by calling us at 980-422-4080 or visit our showroom at 7215 Smith Corners Boulevard in Charlotte. You can also email us here and we’ll follow up ASAP!

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