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Ballistics Report: A New Range Journal for the Modern Shooter

Instant feedback at the range and track progress over time to achieve John Wick shooting status


Santa Rosa Beach, USA, August 25, 2023— Today, shooting has become a popular sport and hobby for both men and women. Like most sports, shooting requires focus, consistency and excellent attention to detail. This is why experts suggest keeping a shooting journal to help shooters improve their skills and reach their goals. With Ballistic Report, keeping a shooting journal has been made easy because it comes as a new iOS application.

Ballistics Report is a modern shooting journal. It is designed to provide immediate feedback at the range and it can also track one’s progress over time.

Dubbed as the “Ballistics Cam”, measuring shot groups has been modernized by using the phone’s camera instead of cumbersome calipers. Measurements are calculated automatically which can deliver shot group analytics, accuracy metrics, and more. Shot group metrics are even ranked by percentile, giving actionable feedback in an instant.

Ballistics Report also boasts of 90+ Shooting Insights, Infinite Zero for easy optic zeroing, monthly Shooting Challenges, Training Plans, global benchmarks, shot placement mapping and more.

Ballistics Report is definitely designed to help every shooter achieve John Wick status in no time. Download the application here or know more about the application by visiting their website at

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Ballistics Report is an application designed to become a modern way of measuring shot groups. It provides instant feedback at the range and can track progress over time.

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