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Recently bought a new car and want to keep it in showroom condition? Preserving your car could help to keep it running well and could help to maintain its value. However, keeping a car in pristine condition isn’t easy – it requires a strict maintenance schedule and being careful as to how you use your car. Below are just a few tips for preserving a new car.


Over time, cars will accumulate bumps and scratches and paintwork will start to fade. This can be avoided by looking after the exterior of your car.

Parking your car in a garage is the best way to preserve the exterior. This will shelter it from sun damage, tree sap, vandals, collisions and all other possible forms of damage that could be inflicted while parked. If this isn’t possible, then consider buying a cover for your car that you can slip over the top.

Damage to your car could be inflicted while driving. This is harder to prevent – often the best method of defense is to clean your car after every use and apply a wax or sealer (this could help to reduce damage to paintwork). The likes of these Bravo protection products could also be worth looking into to provide added protection. A coating of protective film is one of the most effective ways of preventing damage.


Interior damage can also occur after time. This is particularly likely if you have kids or pets.

Seat covers are one of the most obvious ways of protecting upholstery. This could be a transparent film or a stylish seat cover that changes the appearance of the seats. Some of these seat covers can be machine-washed.

You could also consider setting car rules such as no muddy shoes, no food/drink and no smoking. These will further help to protect the interior of your vehicle from damage.

There are products that you can use to preserve that new car smell. This includes deodorizers and seat shampoo products. Cleaning the vents, washing floor mats and vacuuming regularly can also keep your car smelling fresh.


The mechanics of your vehicle are affected by how you drive. Bad driving habits such as overloading your car, braking harshly, driving over bumps too quickly and riding the clutch will all speed up damage.

You should also consider how often you drive your vehicle. Racking up lots of miles on the clock will increase the risk of natural wear and tear. If you drive your vehicle for long periods every day, you could soon start to see an impact. If you’re trying to preserve an expensive sporty car, consider whether you need to buy a cheap ‘everyday vehicle’ to use alongside it – this will help you to get more life out of your car.

Good car maintenance can also help to preserve engine parts. This includes keeping fluids topped up, going for annual oil changes and changing filters. You could do all this maintenance yourself or you could get your car serviced by a mechanic on a yearly basis.

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