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5 Top Tips to Help You Become a Financial Writer Online

Investing and finances are complex topics. Most schools don’t teach about stocks or compound interest. This lack of financial knowledge has been impactful for all generations.

Most people are in charge of their own financial decisions. But many have no idea where and how to get started.

Did you know that median age workers have saved only $5,000 towards retirement?

This knowledge gap is a prime opportunity for a financial writer. As a writer, you can provide useful financial content.

Keep reading for 5 useful tips for becoming a successful finance writer.

1. Write Relatable Content

Finances and investing aren’t the most exciting topics to read about. As a financial writer, you’ll need to find ways to bring life to these topics.

When writing, ensure your content is relatable. Use real-life stories from real people. This allows readers to understand and connect to the information.

To make your content more personal, consider:

  • Revealing money challenges that you have overcome
  • Talk about your own experiences with retirement investing
  • Interview a source who is willing to share his/her personal experiences.

The key is to not just have words on a screen. The words you provide need to be impactful.

2. Avoid Finance Jargon

Finance is already a difficult topic. Don’t make it even harder by using finance jargon in your content.

Not only does this make the content boring, it makes it more difficult to digest.

Keep it simple! Write your content using the plainest English possible.

3. Provide Resources

Writing about retirement investing or creating a budget is one thing. Boost your content’s usefulness by providing resources to your readers.

Creating a blog about Triple Net? Ensure your content has a link to Triple Net Gateway. This site provides more in-depth information for readers to further their knowledge.

Looking to educate readers on home equity? Include a resource that talks about home equity and home equity loans.

4. Be Knowledgeable

To be a finance writer, you’ll want to understand a variety of finance topics. But you don’t need to be a certified financial planner.

Don’t get intimidated by the idea that you aren’t a finance expert.

As a writer, you’re able to approach difficult topics from a layperson’s view. This is a huge asset for companies looking for easy-to-understand content.

5. Build Your Portfolio

Once you’ve gained experience, now is the time to build your portfolio. This will distinguish you from other financial writers.

Your portfolio should include your best work.

Was your content referenced by a reputable financial institution? Has your work been used in other finance content?

The more impressive your portfolio is, the more likely you’ll be able to snag a high-visibility writing position.

A Successful Financial Writer Needs Quality Content

As a finance writer, you’ll need to drive traffic to the content you create. As a finance guru, chances are you don’t know much about marketing. This is where we can help!

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