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How to Use Universal Orlando’s Virtual Line

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When it comes to planning your family’s Universal Orlando Resort vacation, there’s quite a few things you need to know. One of the most important of these is how to use Universal Orlando’s Virtual Line Experience. In this post, we’re going to walk you through step-by-step how to use Universal Orlando’s Virtual Line Experience.

What is Universal Orlando’s Virtual Line Experience?

Universal Orlando’s Virtual Line Experience is a virtual queue that allows guests to request a return time to select attractions at both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. While using Universal Orlando’s virtual line’s do not eliminate wait times entirely, it does greatly reduce them. What attractions are available vary each day and are subject to park capacity.

For example, on busier days you might see more attractions utilizing virtual lines — The Mummy, Transformers, Fast & Furious Supercharged etc. On slow days, you might only see Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey using them.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Universal Orlando’s Virtual Line

1. Select the attraction you’d like to enter a virtual line for.

Once you’ve opened the official Universal Orlando Resort app, click on “Rides” from the homescreen. A map showing ride locations will automatically appear. In the top right hand corner, click on the list icon. Now you will see a list of all attractions currently operating. If the attraction is offering a virtual line, it will be displayed under the attraction’s wait time. Select the attraction you’d like to enter a virtual line for.


2. Select virtual line pass on the attraction’s home screen.

Once you’ve selected your attraction, you’ll be taken to a home screen for that attraction. Below the picture and description of the attraction, you will see “Virtual Line Pass.” Click on “Virtual Line Pass.”


3. Select the number in your party and choose your return time.

Once you’ve clicked on “Virtual Line Pass,” toggle to the number of people in your party. Once the number is correct, the app will automatically display possible return times. Choose the return time that best fits your schedule. Then scroll to the bottom and select “Reserve Virtual Line Pass.” Once the app refreshes, you’ll be taken back automatically to the attraction’s home screen, and your new virtual line pass return time will be displayed.


4. Arrive at the attraction during your designated return time window.

Make sure your entire party arrives at the attraction during your designated return time. The entire party must be present. And while Universal’s team members generally offer a grace window (five to ten minutes), please keep in mind that they are not obligated to — especially at high, in-demand attractions such as Hagrid’s.


5. Present your virtual line QR code to the team member at the Express Pass entrance.

Click on the attraction that you have the virtual line pass for, then click on the virtual line pass return time on the attraction’s home screen. A QR code will be displayed. Present this to the team member at the Express Pass entrance to the attraction. Once they scan it, you’re good to go!

Tips & Secrets to Using Universal Orlando’s Virtual Line

You can select a virtual line before you’re inside the park.

Yes, you read that correctly. As soon as you’re within the Universal Orlando resort complex and your tickets are linked to your account, you can use virtual lines. We do ours as soon as our car is parked in the garage.

While the app will only allow one virtual line at a time, everyone in your party can have one on their own Universal Orlando Resort app.

Ever wonder why Hagrid’s virtual lines tend to run out so quickly? It’s because everyone in your family can download the Universal Orlando Resort app and hold their own virtual line. You can each hold a virtual line for a different attraction, or all for the same one at different times. It’s not like My Disney Experience where you must select the members of your party. (At least, not yet anyway.)

Take a screenshot of your virtual line pass. It will save headaches.

This is a tip we recommend for multiple reasons. One, the internet can always go down. Two, if a ride breaks down, sometime Universal will ask you to request a new return time. If all of the new return times are gone before you select one, you’ve suddenly lost your virtual line pass to the ride. This happened to us with Hagrid’s. Luckily, we took a screenshot and presented that to the team member. It works.

Does Universal Orlando’s Virtual Line Experience Take the Place of Express Pass?

No, it does not. In fact, we recommend using both Express Pass and virtual lines. Here’s why…

With Express Pass, your guaranteed a reduced wait time at almost any attraction (there are a few exceptions) at any time of the day. Virtual lines go very quickly in the morning and which rides are available vary every day. For those reasons, we recommend using both.

That sums it up! If you’re thinking about planning your family’s Universal Orlando Resort vacation, why not save time, save stress, and get extra magic by using one of our experts. You can schedule a free consultation here.

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