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How to Market a Website and Get More People To Your Page

When did you first hear the term blog? It was likely many years ago. One of the first opportunities offered by the internet, blogging quickly became a web mainstay.

Since then, its usefulness has kept it a still-common practice. Not only has it adapted to various formats, such as video or tweets; it’s stayed relevant in its traditional format, too. Successful SEO strategies use blogging as one of the pillars of its practice.

This has led many to wonder: is it too late to start a blog now? Isn’t the market already oversaturated?

Absolutely not. If you have a unique perspective or a passionate voice, there’s an audience waiting for you. People are always hungry for more quality content. The challenge then is in finding that audience.

Keep reading to learn how to market a website and generate traffic.

Social Media

If you’ve put in the effort to build a blog and create content that you believe in, you need to share it. Take to social media and post links back to your work.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so by generating engagement within your immediate social networks, you can have immediate access to a much larger audience.

Replying to comments and encouraging interactions helps keep your content visible in your audiences’ timeline. It also allows you to build a relationship with your audience, strengthening their interest.

Best of all? It’s a free way of marketing websites. The only consideration is that you don’t get too aggressive about promoting your work. This can turn some people off. Otherwise, you can easily create visibility with a familiar crowd.


Pay per click advertising lets you get your message in front of a targeted audience. Take the time to learn about who your audience is so that you can tailor your ad campaign around them.

The way PPC works is that you set a price for how much you’ll pay every time someone clicks on your ad. The ad system you use will allow you to set certain keywords and define demographics as to who gets advertised to.

This approach allows you to learn what ads convert impressions to clicks. Keeping an eye on this metric will help guide future articles as you better learn what content creates engagement.


As mentioned above, search engine optimization utilizes blogs to help drive organic search traffic. Essentially, you make yourself visible to people searching for the niche you cover.

You do this by focusing on the longtail keywords that users are searching for. You then incorporate these keywords in content, which makes it relevant to search engines.

Link building is also an integral part of this process. Getting links back to your site from high-quality sites increases the value of your page. This helps you earn a higher ranking on a search engine results page (SERP.)

Guest Posts

Offering to write guest posts for other blogs introduces you to a whole new audience. Even though you’re letting someone else host your work, you get to share in their reach.

Another opportunity that guest posting offers is that you can create links back to your own work. Not only will these links bring traffic to your site directly, but you’ll also increase your SEO.


How is YouTube relevant to the blogging world? Easy. People love to watch videos.

Creating promotional videos for your website puts you in front of a whole new audience. It introduces you to people who otherwise may not come across your material.

You don’t have to have a full production, either. A few visuals with a targeted message can be enough to generate interest. Just be sure to optimize your videos properly.

E-Mail List

One of the original forms of digital marketing, email lists have maintained their effectiveness. E-mailing readers directly can offer multiple opportunities for conversion.

Social media posts and paid ads work better when promoting single messages. E-mails, however, can cover multiple topics, each allowing for a link back to your site.

There’s also a psychological aspect at play. Something about the directness of an email feels more personal, giving the reader a greater sense of ownership.

Strong Branding

Not necessarily a technique itself, but having a strong brand will power all your other efforts.

Take the time to build a strong identity for your blog. The name, logo, and even color scheme all require strong consideration. Having a brand that creates an impression can generate interest in people who may otherwise not be interested in your content.

This also helps influence decisions like web design and ad layouts. Having a strong identity informing your site makes you more interesting. That, in turn, draws interest.

Create Quality Content

One thing that can often be overlooked in a promotional campaign is the content itself. All your other efforts are wasted if you can’t support them with well-written, well-researched work.

The reason most people start blogs is to talk about things they’re passionate about. They get to indulge in their hobbies and explore their interests.

But if you want to build an audience, you need to consider what their interests are, too. You’re free to cover whatever niche you want, but don’t expect readers unless you offer something that speaks to them.

The above strategies provide you with the tools to learn more about who your audience is. Keyword research and demographical information should inform what topics you cover.

Knowing what ads convert impressions to sales lets you recognize what people are interested in. As important, they show you what people aren’t interested in. This shows you were to focus your efforts and where not to waste your time.

How to Market a Website: Final Thoughts

Blogging is an immensely satisfying activity. It lets you share your interests with the world and keeps you engaged in the world you love.

Knowing how to market a website lets you find the audience you deserve. Not only do you benefit from a growing and loyal readership, but they benefit from what you have to offer.

For more articles on making the most of your interests, just keep reading our blog!

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