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How to Wear a Leather Jacket Like a Total Boss

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A genuine leather jacket is a must for every seriously stylish wardrobe. Cared for properly, it will last decades. It’s an investment in quality and adds an edgy twist to any smart or casual outfit that you care to throw together.

Learning how to wear a leather jacket is a fine art that you acquire with time. Some say that as your leather jacket grows on you, it becomes a reflection of the key characteristics of your personality.

Powerful words, right? Unless you are a natural-born attitude mover and shaker, you’re gonna need a few tips on how to carry off the look like a total boss. So, here goes.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket With Attitude

It’s simple. Put the jacket on and settle in. That’s all there is to it.

Well, not quite, but first comes the jacket, then you can accentuate your attitude.

When choosing your first leather jacket, there are two things to consider: color and style. As a first-timer, either black or brown is best. You can always branch out later and get a second, or third, leather jacket in another color.

Avoid the fashion faux pas of mixing a brown jacket with black shoes or vice versa. Anything but that, and you’re good to rock the world.

Traditional styles of leather jackets all allow you to strut your stuff. Choose from the classic style, the racer, flight, field, or bomber jacket. The beauty is that you don’t have to be a biker, racer or pilot, etc. to wear these cuts.

You will know when you hit on the right style for you. Wear it. Own it.

Know Your Leather

There are different grades of leather for different purposes. You’ll want a leather that is soft to the touch, yet tough when protecting you from the elements. Good tailoring is essential; it’s part of the style.

You might even love leather so much that you’ll want to go to a Leather Workshop to learn how to make leather fashion items yourself. We’re thinking of something to go with your totally cool leather jacket.

Stepping Stone to Your Own Chic

You can step away from the motorcycle chic (tattoos not obligatory), with its black and chrome boots, bags, and glove accessories. Try wearing that biker jacket over a cotton print dress with cowboy boots. Ripped jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt, and a pashmina work well too, especially if you add that all-important accessory: a genuine leather belt.

Statement jewelry like pendant necklaces, varsity rings, and bold bracelets and earrings work well for men and women.

By the way, women look great in leather jackets designed for men. Just saying. The facts speak for themselves.

Your Signature Style

Learn how to wear a leather jacket as if it’s your second skin. Then, it’ll be obvious to everyone that you know how to wear a leather jacket like a total boss. You own the look and move with grace and confidence.

When you reach that level, the only refinement needed is a signature perfume to enhance your signature style.

Check out our other articles on perfumes and self-care. And remember, you’re on a roll in that leather jacket. Like a total boss.

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