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7 Mistakes College Freshmen Need to Avoid at All Costs

Did you know that around 20 million students enroll in college each year?

Although college is an incredible experience, some students fare better than others because they’re more prepared. Researching college tips can help you make the most out of your time during your studies.

Are you going to be a college freshman? Keep reading for 7 common college mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Waiting to Find Housing

There are many pros and cons of living on and off-campus during college. No matter what you decide is best for your unique needs, don’t wait until the last minute to claim your housing or else you might miss out. For example, finding University of Wisconsin housing off-campus can be challenging if you want until a couple of weeks before classes start.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep

The best advice for college freshmen is to make sleep a priority. College is full of parties, activities, and all kinds of adventures. Since you’ll have four years to enjoy this lifestyle, be sure to pace yourself so you have enough time to sleep.

3. Signing Up for the Wrong Classes

One of the most common mistakes first-year college students make is signing up for 8 a.m. classes or back-to-back classes. If your class load was like that in high school, you might wonder why you wouldn’t be able to keep it up in college? Your life is going to change in a lot of ways you might not expect, so do yourself a favor by creating a schedule that maximizes your productivity.

4. Not Following a Budget

Nobody wants to end up as the broke college student who eats ramen every day. If you create a realistic budget before you start classes, you’ll be able to avoid overspending.

5. Using Social Media Irresponsibly

When you’re a freshman in college, you’re going to be trying a lot of new things for the first time. Some activities won’t be appropriate for social media, especially if your account isn’t private. Pictures last forever, so do your best to keep your accounts clean in case future employers research you.

6. Not Taking Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

College is fun, but there’s no denying that’s it’s also stressful at times. Since students are so busy, they often have to put their health on the back burner. If you work on managing your time efficiently, you’ll be able to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and do activities that nurture your mental health.

7. Being Afraid or Disinterested in Connecting with Faculty

Even if you graduate with a 4.0 GPA, your grades won’t matter once you enter the workforce. The best way to get your dream internship or job is to connect with teachers who are working in the field you love. Your freshman year of college is a great time to introduce yourself and start building meaningful relationships that can help you discover lots of exciting opportunities.

You Don’t Want to Make These Mistakes as a College Freshman

If you’re a college freshman, avoiding these 7 mistakes can keep you happier, healthier, and wealthier.

Do you want to learn more ways you can thrive? Explore our site for other helpful tips.

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