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At, They Don’t Just Track the Markets – They Smash the Markets is the largest alternative investment community and collection of blogs and resources. They don’t just track the markets; they smash the markets. Join the community today!


Middletown, DE Feb 24, 2022 — Meet, the largest alternative investing community, where you’ll be able to find a collection of blogs written by professionals on alternative investing. Since 2020, their recommendations and alternative investment ideas have consistently outperformed the benchmarks with their original research and insights that you can trust. Not all alternative assets are created equal, so get critical analysis on 35 asset classes delivered straight to your inbox.

Alternative assets are a powerful way to grow your money compared to other investment classes. And where there are investable assets, there are markets – look at as your alternative investment sherpa because they will guide you through these new markets and show how to give yourself an edge.

Among the most significant benefits of being a member of the community, you will find that:

They do the hard work that nobody else is doing by conducting in-depth research and deep quantitative analysis on hundreds of deals across dozens of asset classes.

They do honest and insightful research. They aren’t “yes men” who scream BUY at every drop. They objectively evaluate micro IPOs and notify you when something changes.

They provide trusted & unbiased recommendations. Just like you, they are professionals striving to deliver returns. We take our research seriously and are happy to share our recommendations with you.

Insider analyzes new offerings across the alternative investing landscape, giving each one a Buy or Pass. Their Fractional Index tracks the performance of all assets across Rally, Collectable, and Otis, and they don’t just follow the markets; they smash the markets. Their picks consistently outperform the benchmarks. has a wide variety of asset class materials, news, and premium picks covering:

Music Rights: Investing in music rights gives you royalties every time the song is reproduced or played.
Sports Cards: Sportscards can be a great investment and Alts teaches you how to take the opportunity.
Video Games: Alts gives you insider information about investing in video games.
Websites & Domains: Investing in websites and domains can be a great opportunity for passive income.
NFTs: Returns for NFTs are rising, and Alts lets you know whether they are a good investment.
Crypto: Alts sends crypto updates every 2-3 months so you have the best up-to-date information.
Wine: Wine investments have been stable for many years and often outperform other investment options.
Farmland: Farmland is a resilient asset class and can generate a good amount of income. Alts offers information to help you make the best decisions.

To find out more about their top-quality services and learn how to buy music royalties or start comic book investing, visit Subscribe now to their newsletter to get their recommendations and Top Picks and join thousands of subscribers. It is absolutely spam-free.

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