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How to Make Pre Made Cocktails Your Secret Weapon This Summer

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Summer and cocktails go together like, well, gin and tonic. With the summer months upon us, cocktail hour is about to get a whole lot easier and more interesting, thanks to pre-made cocktails. We’ve got all the goss on this summer’s hottest trend and why pre-made cocktails are creating such a buzz.

Why Go with Pre-made Cocktails?

2020 saw most of the world go into lockdown. With our way of life shifting completely, it’s likely (and responsible) that most of your summer plans will take place from the comfort of your home.

Sadly, travel plans to tropical islands have been put on hold, but it doesn’t mean all the fun has to be. There are other trees to drink a cocktail under.

Pre-made cocktails are easy, affordable fun. They also take the skill and guesswork out of mixing cocktails at home, making them the best possible way to get a classic cocktail recipe just right.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider buying pre-made when it comes to your favourite cocktails.

Quick, Easy, Minimal Effort

Trying to make your own cocktails just right can be a bit of a headache. You’ll probably spend a fortune on all the ingredients that you’ll only use for one type of cocktail.

Then you’ll have to spend the rest of your summer getting your money’s worth by only drinking the single cocktail you have ingredients for. And, let’s admit, that sounds pretty darn boring.

Get some cocktail variety and value by purchasing a box of pre-made cocktails. Your ready-made cocktails will simply need to be chilled and served, plus, you won’t have to worry about getting those tricky bartending techniques right as all the measuring and mixing has been done for you.

BYOB (Be Your Own Bartender)

Impress your friends with your expert cocktail knowledge. We’ve already mentioned that pre-made cocktails are super easy to serve. But we should add that they’re really impressive, not to mention yum.

Because pre-made cocktails offer so many choices, you can probably find your favourites and more. Who knows, you might even discover a love for a cocktail you’d never heard of before.

Unique Gifts

Get friends and family members in on the holiday cocktail fun with a pre-made cocktail kit as a gift. Cocktail boxes are your best-kept secret when it comes to impressing your friends with your knowledge of mixology, but they also make for unique and fun holiday gifts.

Throw in some gorgeous cocktail glasses and you’ve got the perfect present.

Your Summer in Premade Cocktails

Now that you know the perks of pre-made cocktails, we’ve mapped out a summer cocktail plan with a bottled cocktail for every occasion. Here are a couple of ways that you can get maximum enjoyment and make pre-made cocktails your secret weapon for the best summer ever.

Happy Hour

With social distancing measures in place, happy hour is looking a little different this summer. Stay safe and come together with friends and family in the garden or on a video call for a virtual happy hour once a week.

Our picks for happy hour classics include the good old fashioned Old Fashioned, or the James Bond of cocktails, the Martini. Shaken or stirred, the Martini is best served chilled with an olive.

Outdoor Bonanza 

While happy hour cocktails complement those beautiful sunsets and twilight hours, the next summer cocktail event is for those hot summer days. There’s something extra special about a refreshing poolside cocktail.

Have a cocktail afternoon next to the pool, or anywhere in the sun accompanied by a trusty bottled cocktail.

We recommend a quintessential summer classic, the Mojito. Originating in Cuba, this cocktail is known for its perfect mix of tart and tangy. Simply crush some mint and ice into your glass before pouring, and enjoy.

Or if you’re looking for a bit of variety in one go, the tropical classics taste just like summer. This trio consists of Tommy’s Margarita, Mojito and Zombie cocktails, premixed and ready to serve. Mojito and lime is always sublime, but a Zombie go well with a fruity garnish of your choosing.

The Cocktail Olympics 

Pre-made cocktails come in a bunch of exciting varieties, and pre-made cocktail boxes have everything you need to serve a classic, but there’s one thing better than a classic cocktail and that’s a cocktail with a twist.

Why not host your very own Cocktail Olympics with your mates and see who can come up with the freshest take on a classic?

From infusions and syrups to mixer substitutions, there are so many ways to jazz up your favourites.

Presentation also counts, so make sure you put some effort into your cocktail aesthetic. Getting creative with your cocktail garnish is the best form of self-expression.

Take a vote and the freshest take on a classic cocktail is owed a drink.

Winding Down

When the dog days of summer come creeping in, it’s hard to fight off those summer blues. Toast to the final days of your cocktail-filled summer with something ready to serve.

Make the best of it listening to some slow jazz as you take in that cooling summer breeze. Best enjoyed in the late afternoon, these pre-made cocktails are the perfect way to wind down.

We recommend the bitter Italian classic, a Negroni for a farewell toast to those sweet summer memories. Serve your Negroni with a sliced orange peel as an aperitif just before dinner.

Another late summer favourite is a Sazerac. This warm spicy mix tastes like honey with a hint of lemon and anise. This one is best enjoyed simple.

Pre Made Summer Joy

Make sure that your summer memories include signature summer cocktails. Pre-made cocktails and cocktail making kits are a unique, easy and cost-effective way to bring the bar to you. Plus there’s a cocktail for every summer occasion.

We’ve only mentioned a few of the many pre-made cocktails available for your enjoyment this summer. Check out the rest to find your favourite!

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