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How to Combine PDFs Into One Document

Are you looking for ways to reduce the files you have to send back and forth to an online contact? Do you want to make your online file sharing easier? Do you need to combine PDFs into one file to make it easier to store and read?

The coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of companies’ digital transformations. Before the pandemic, only a third of US workers worked from their homes. Now, it’s one of the biggest shifts in most industries and almost all businesses are moving toward it.

One of the many simple yet puzzling issues employees are facing is file-sharing. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to combine multiple PDFs into one PDF. Keep reading to learn how and why this technical information matters.

1. Combine Two PDFs Into One With Adobe Acrobat Pro

For this method, we’re going to focus on using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. It’s available for both Windows and Mac computers. You can get an Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription for $14.99 per year. 

If you already have it, open the Adobe Acrobat DC software. Look for the tab called Tools. Click on it and select “Combine files” to begin.

Next, you’ll have to add the files you want to combine. Click on “Add Files” and start selecting. Don’t worry about selecting them in the right sequence.

When you pick the files that you want to combine, you can drag and drop them to reorder them. If there are extra files you selected, you can press the “Delete” button to remove them. Next, click on “Combine Files”.

When the files get done combining, click on “Save”. As a note, with Adobe Acrobat, you can add files that aren’t all PDF and combine them into a PDF. That’s it for our first method of combining PDF files.

2. Use a Website for Combining PDFs

The next way to combine PDFs into one is to use online resources. You can go to websites like PDF Joiner or other websites where you can combine PDFs. Using this method is great if you don’t have time to install and download a program.

For this example, we’re focusing on PDF Joiner. First, go to the website for PDF Joiner in a web browser, which is Next, click on the Upload Files button that will show up in the middle of the page.

A File Explorer or Finder window will open. Look for the files on your computer that you want to save as a single PDF file. Click on Open at the bottom-right corner of the window to start uploading your PDF files.

If you have to select more than two files, remember that the limit is 20 PDF files. That means you’ll have to use this method various times if you’re trying to combine a lot of PDFs. If you have to go back and add other files, use the Open button again. 

After the files upload, check that they’re in the correct order. If they aren’t, select and drag so that they’re in the right order. Finally, click on Join Files to combine them. The output will get downloaded in your Downloads folder by default.

3. Create a Combined PDF With Finder

For Mac users, here’s an easier alternative to using Adobe Acrobat. macOS makes it easy to combine multiple PDFs into on even with only the built-in Finder. All you need is to have the latest versions of macOS Mojave and Catalina.

If you open the Finder, you’ll notice that it shows previews of files. It also adds has a contextual menu on the side for quick actions. For most files, you can use the “Create PDF” function from the quick action menu on the right side.

Open Finder and select the files that you want to combine as one PDF. Next, click on the Create PDF button in the preview window, under the previews. A new PDF is available on automatic.

You can then check the new PDF with Preview. If the page order needs changing, drag and drop the page thumbnails on the left-hand side. Rename the new file when you’re done. 

You can find other ways to combine PDFs into one on Mac.

4. Download and Merge PDFs With PDF Merger and Splitter

Another third-party program that you can use to combine PDFs is the PDF Merger & Splitter. It’s available in the Microsoft Store for free. It’s also easy to use and safe for your PC.

Once you have it installed, launch the program and click on “Merge PDF”. Click on “Add PDF” and select the files that you want to combine.  They will appear in a list on the PDF Merger & Splitter.

If you want to rearrange the order, select a PDF file, and click on Move Up or Move Down buttons at the top of the list. When everything is in order, click on “Merge PDFs” and type the name of the new PDF file to save it.

5. Why Combine PDFs Into One Document?

If you must send a PDF document via email, you may find that you can only attach files up to 25 MB. If you use, the file attachment limits go up to 50 MB. To get around this, you’ll have to create a lot of emails for the recipient.

Another solution is to use online storage services, which offer limited storage for free. For example, Google Drive offers only 15 GB of free storage. If you want more space, you’ll have to pay to upgrade, starting at $1.99 per month.

If file size is not the problem, it can be the order of the PDF files that can confuse the recipient. If you’re sending a lot of files to another person, the order of files can get mixed up in the attachment process. It also takes more work and time to select and upload or download attachments.

Bring Your PDF Files Together 

Learning to combine PDFs into one PDF file is easy if you know what program to use. Whether you’re on Mac or Windows PC, you can see that there are various ways to do it. We hope this guide helped you find the fastest and easiest way to combine PDF files. 

That ends our guide on how to combine PDFs into one. If you want to see more informative and technical content like this, check out the rest of our posts. We cover everything from basic tech guides to in-depth marketing strategies!

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