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How to Choose Between a Natural Gas vs Diesel Powered Generator

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Are you looking to invest in a generator for your business? Are you struggling to choose between a diesel powered generator and a natural gas one?

A reliable generator is one investment every business owner should have. With the key benefits they offer, they help ensure that business operations go on. This applies even when a major power interruption happens.

This is also the main reason why the diesel generator industry will continue to rise. Experts project that the market will grow by 3.7% through 2025. The demand for generators particularly from the healthcare and construction sectors will go up.

Still, the question remains: should you go for a natural gas generator or a diesel-powered one? Continue reading below as we compare these two worthy options to arrive at the best decision.

Diesel Powered Generators vs Natural Gas Generators: How Do They Work?

First, let us look at diesel generators. As the name implies, they use diesel as the main fuel to operate. To generate power, the generator ignites the fuel via compression.

The diesel fuel, as well as the air, enter the engine, albeit separately. From there, the engine compresses the air, leading to more efficient fuel usage.

Diesel generators transform some of the fuel’s chemical energy into mechanical energy. In turn, the energy rotates a crank inside the machine to produce electricity.

Meanwhile, a natural gas generator works similarly to other generator types. What differs, however, is the fuel the generator uses to operate.

As the name suggests, it uses natural gas as its main fuel. Like regular gas and other forms of fuels, natural gas comes from drilling oil. However, it is generally more affordable. Also, it is renewable unlike other types of fuels.

Diesel vs Gas

It is also important to touch on the diesel vs gas generators discussion. Of course, we’re talking about the regular kind of gas and not the natural one.

The action takes place inside the cylinder of a gasoline generator. Here, the machine burns the mixed gas rapidly and violently. In turn, the gas’ volume expands, creating enough energy to push the piston downward.

Unlike in diesel generators where compression creates the ignition, a spark plug is the one that ignites the gas and air in gasoline generators. Since gas is more volatile than diesel, it burns faster, making it less efficient.

Which One Offers More Power?

A diesel powered generator will give you more power. This is because diesel comes with a higher density level compared to gas.

Because of its higher energy density, a diesel generator will give you more energy than you would with natural gas at the same volume. Generally, a diesel generator can give you twice the output of its natural gas counterpart.

Also, diesel generators offer a longer runtime. This means they provide a steadier power supply than natural gas generators. The secret behind this is the generators’ ability to consume fuel.

They come with motors that run much longer than gasoline engines. This is also the reason why various industries prefer diesel generators during power outages.

Maintenance Requirement

Whether it’s brand new or used diesel generators you’re considering, you can expect them to require less maintenance compared to natural gas generators. For starters, diesel generators are generally more durable. Since they don’t come with carburetors and spark plugs, they have fewer parts that require replacements.

Instead, they will only require preventive maintenance and refueling. Since they are durable, you can expect them to perform in the most demanding situations.

Also, they run cooler compared to natural gas generators. As a result, they tend to last longer. Additionally, diesel generators are remarkably versatile.

You can use them in different applications across various industries. They can easily power your tools, machines, and other equipment.

The Safety Conundrum

You may also wonder about the safety of these two options. In this matter, diesel still tops natural gas generators. For starters, diesel generators don’t require frequent refueling. The more often you refuel your generators, the higher the chances for accidental combustion.

Next, they burn fuel more efficiently, making them the less flammable option. Since they don’t have spark plugs, the risk of freak fires happening goes down.

Moreover, diesel is one of the least flammable among fossil fuels. They can also work even under extremely cold temperatures.

Much like natural gas generators, they can safely power your machines. However, if you install your diesel generator in a room, make sure to have a working exhaust system. This is crucial for expelling emissions outside your facility.

Which One Is Cheaper?

No comparison is complete without comparing their prices. When it comes to the initial cost, diesel generators are generally more affordable. If you’re putting up a new business, this can help minimize your expenses.

Another factor to consider is the fuel cost. This aspect can be tricky considering the fluctuating prices of oil. Thus, you should never rely solely on the prices of fuel as your main consideration.

You should also look into the repair and maintenance expenses. Here, a diesel generator is a clear winner.

Last but not least, consider the fuel storage expenses. If you choose a natural gas generator, you will not have any problems with this matter.

The Verdict

In the natural gas vs diesel generator debate, which one ends up the winner? Though the answer depends on certain factors like your budget, diesel generators prove to be superior in various aspects.

They are cheaper, safer, durable, and easy to maintain.

Invest in a Quality Diesel Powered Generator Today!

Now that you know the advantages of a diesel powered generator, you can make the right choice for your growing business. However, you need to invest in a quality diesel generator to maximize its benefits.

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