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Trending Now: How Niche Markets are Using Social Media to Increase B2B Sales

You’re an entrepreneur, who specializes in B2B sales. You understand how important digital marketing is and likely even heard that being on social media is a must.

And that without a social media presence, you’re doomed to fail. In a sense, they’re right. But it’s all in how you use these networks to your advantage. Obviously, some social sites will cater to your market better than others.

So it’ll take some market research to identify which social platforms work the best. In this quick guide, we’ll cover quick tips for growing B2B sales using social media.

Start Following Prospects on Social Media

One great place to meet prospects is at live events. It’s where you can exchange business cards and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

But you can take it a step further by following the individuals you meet on social media. It’s a great way to keep up with them and even send direct messages.

However, the idea is to engage with them in their online conversations to build a relationship. Who knows, they may need your products or services in the future (and vice versa).

Be Clever with Your Email Signatures

You’ve read plenty of emails from businesses. When you get to the end, how memorable is the signature? And if you do remember it, it’s likely because it’s so generic.

Most businesses use the same old “Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.” And the majority of the time, it gets overlooked.

If you really want to get results, you should enhance your email signature. For instance, say something like: “P.S. Make sure to check out my latest blog about B2B marketing tricks to grow your bottom line.”

Then include a link to the blog post. Hopefully, you have social share buttons on your blog, so visitors can share your posts and follow you easily.

And this leads us to the next hack.

Promote Your Blog Like Crazy

Content marketing is the way to the hearts of Google and consumers alike. And by combining social media with blogging, you can draw in more B2B prospects.

That’s exactly what businesses like Mueller Corp are doing.

On one side, you’re developing highly-engaging and highly-relevant blog posts for your B2B audience. Then on the flip side, you’re promoting your content on your social media accounts.

What’s great about content marketing is that it doesn’t feel promotional. Yet, you’re drawing in traffic to your website and building trust and authority in your industry. Eventually, this can lead to more B2B sales.

Your goal is to engage your audience, so choose topics they really care about. And if you don’t have a clue what that is, put out a survey on social media to get feedback and ideas for future content.

Improve Your B2B Sales with Better Content

At the end of the day, the key to driving more sales is giving customers what they want. The same goes whether you’re looking for B2C or B2B sales.

Producing valuable content will help push your site up in the search engine page results. Plus, it will land you more solid leads.

At Article City, you can find a professional staff of writers who can provide content that’s high-quality, engaging and valuable.

Visit Article City today to see how you can combine content marketing and social media marketing to your campaign.

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