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How-to Guideline for Designing a Timeless Startup Logo

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If you are reading this article you are most likely looking to start a business. Congratulations, this is a very exciting time in your entrepreneurial journey. One of the more exciting tasks during this often hectic startup phase is the logo design process. Up to the point when you have a business name and logo in place it’s just an idea. The second you finalize your logo it becomes more real. This post will look at some best practice guidelines to follow when creating a logo for your startup. Design rules are meant to be broken but following these tips will ensure you end up with a professional and timeless logo concept.

Let’s Review Your Business Name

Before you put on your designer hat let’s take a step back and review your company name. The name you choose doesn’t just send a strong branding message but it also influences how your design comes across visually. A beautiful logo is all about artistic balance and an awkward or lengthy name can make it difficult to find the right proportions. The shorter you can keep your business name then better. Try to avoid including legal extensions like Inc, LLC, etc. Short and sweet isn’t just an advantage in terms of design but also makes your brand name easier to remember. The same goes for your company slogan if you are going to incorporate one.

Choose the Right Color

The next step is to think about color choice. Don’t make the mistake of just thinking of color as a visual tool to make your branding prettier. It’s a strong messaging aid as well. Each color evokes a different feeling and meaning so it’s crucial you choose a color that aligns well with what your business does and stands for. For example, yellow evokes a sense of calm and mindfulness. Naturally, this is a suitable branding color choice for a meditation app or studio. Make sure you study the meaning of different colors and to only then choose the core color palette for your logo. Of course, you have freedom to play around with the intensity and hues of those colors in your design.

Decide Whether You Want to Include an Icon or Not

There are a lot of different types of logos from brandmark, to text only, to combination mark, and emblem. Decide what suits your business best. This is a good time to review what your competitors are doing. This is not to say that you have to copy their design but it gives you an indication of what works in the industry and what doesn’t. The best way to find out what looks best for your logo is to try lots of different concepts. Use a free logo design application like Logo Creator to see what your logo looks like with different style icons. To ensure your logo is memorable and timeless go with a simple icon that uses clean lines and simple shapes.

Fonts Tell a Story

When it comes time to choose a font for your logo don’t do so simply based on aesthetic. The same way different colors tell a different story, fonts also evoke emotions.  There are lots of different types of fonts from serif, to san serif, script, and more obscure font families. If you are going for modern, clean and universal sans serif might be the best choice for example. Try different fonts and see how they pair with your logo. If you are thinking of incorporating your tagline also make sure the business name and slogan fonts pair well together.

Put Your Logo Through a Stress Test

In order for your logo to truly be professional and timeless, you need to ensure it looks good in all sorts of different circumstances. In some instances, your logo can only be displayed in black and white so it’s crucial you test your logo in black and white and grayscale. Another important factor is scale. As your business grows you might find yourself wanting to display your logo on billboards, car decals, etc. Before you finalize your logo test it in extreme sizing. Will your design sill look good when it’s reduced to the size of a favicon or scaled up to poster size? If your logo survives these tests you have a winner on your hands.

Now It’s Time to Put On Your Creative Hat

When it comes to design you just have to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. Whether you are using a logo maker application, using Illustrator, or directing a designer keep the best practices highlighted in this article in mind. Don’t rush the process and try lots of different concepts and make sure you have an unbiased feedback loop you can trust. As you develop and refine your logo you’ll get closer to the final concept with every concept you try.

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