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Black Owned Brand Self Defense Kit

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Black Owned Brand  Self Defense Devices


Finding a business that understands your needs is often easier said than done. This is especially the case when it comes to integral products, like those meant for your safety and protection. Ideally, you do not want to buy an item that fails to perform as advertised or malfunctions every so often.

For example, if you are in the great outdoors, you’re always advised to carry urban self-defense products like pepper spray. If a wild animal attacks you, you want to be certain your pepper spray will be an effective deterrent.

This illustration paints the importance of using the right urban self-defense devices. Safety and self-defense products from Urban Safety Solutions are available for you on reliable platforms, like the Try Small Biz website. is a reputable platform known for housing only the best and high-quality products. In many cases, if you can find a business listed on the try small biz directory, you are sure the products will serve you as intended.

Urban Safety Solutions has always endeavored to be as accessible as possible. This is because most self-defense items are useful for vulnerable people in society. For instance, if you look at most enforcement reports, you’ll notice college girls are especially susceptible to attacks of all sorts.

Whether you are in search of lethal or non-lethal self-defense products, is a great resource. And in case you are looking to get the college safety package in a remote place like St. Louis, you can use the website directly to enjoy perks like easier and faster delivery. As an alternative, however, you can get the same products on the small biz platform.

A minority-owned business may not always have the extensive reach of big corporations. Fortunately, with worthwhile partners, like the small business directly, these companies can reach you from every corner of the country and even beyond.

A black-owned brand may not have the extensive reach of a bigger competing brand, but the small business can now thrive with the aforementioned platform.

Who should use self-defense products?


A fallacy that commonly exists is a person thinking they are immune or not susceptible to attacks and acts of crime. Unfortunately, this causes many people to be caught unaware. This increases the criminal’s chance of succeeding while putting you in even greater danger.

As a result, it is important for everyone to have something they can use to protect themselves or fend off an attack. Self-defense products for women have always been popular over time. This, however, does not mean the products can’t be used by men.

Whether you have a black-owned business, work late, are a student, or travel a lot, investing in the right self-defense products will go a long way in helping you feel safer and more confident. And even when you are on the move, you can still access all these self-defense items from the small biz directory.

What is the best self defense product?


As mentioned above, data from major law enforcement agencies point to an increase in criminal activities over the last few years. Even when you live in a safe neighborhood, all it takes is one bad incident to endanger your safety. As a result, you should always be prepared for any situation.

With the right preparation, you’ll be able to get out of most unsafe situations. In fact, some criminals will stay away when they see you can confidently protect yourself. For example, if someone sees you have pepper spray with you, they will think twice before trying to approach or assault you.

So, what is the right self-defense tool for you? Well, this is a great question. However, there isn’t exactly an easy way to answer it. This is majorly because there are no one-fits-all answers. The pepper gel package may be right for you, but someone else may prefer a different self-protection product.

Below, let’s delve into the self-defense products you can find on In addition, let’s investigate what each product entails, its limitations, and its benefits. In the end, you’ll have a clearer picture of the right self-defense package for you.

1. Stun Gun


Stun guns have existed in the market for some time now. However, if you look back a few decades, you’ll notice they weren’t exactly a popular self-defense item. This is largely because of their bulky and unappealing design.

Years back, you could carry a stun gun with you and still have little protection. This is because you had to put them in a bag or conceal them in some places, like learning institutions that don’t allow commercial models. Fortunately, modern designs have fixed most of these issues.

A stun gun operates by passing a strong electric current to the criminal or intended target. The contact part of stun guns is designed to protrude for maximum effect. Recent stun guns have a spike at the end, serving several purposes. The first is pushing past barriers like clothes to reach the skin for maximum impact. The second reason is physical damage which can further incapacitate the enemy.

Different stun guns work differently. For example, you can get a stun gun kit with different intensity settings. While the effects are normally temporary, you can adjust how much violate you want the stun gun to produce.

Urban Safety Solutions is the leading producer of spike stun guns. These stun gun kits are easy to handle, can be easily concealed, and will serve you for ages. With a spike stun gun, you will feel safe even when you’re walking late at night or in an unsafe place.

Advantages of spike stun guns

  • Non-lethal
  • Powerful high voltage electric shock instantly upon squeezing the trigger
  • It can be used in close proximity
  • You can recharge a spike stun device using a USB cable
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry around without anyone noticing

Disadvantages of stun guns

  • You have to wait for the assailant to be close before using them
  • Some learning institutions have restrictions on conventional stun guns

A self-defense spike stun gun is ideal for urban uses. You can use them even in crowded places as they will only affect the assailant. Their ease of use makes them an ideal self-protection item to carry when traveling, going to school, going clubbing, and in many other urban situations.

2. Pepper Spray Gel


Pepper spray is one of the most effective and versatile self-dense items available today. They are easy to use and have a very high-efficiency rate, especially if you use trusted pepper gel brands. Most law authorities advise you to have a can of pepper spray with you at all times.

Their versatile nature means they can be used in almost every scenario. Whether you are in an urban place or in a rural setup, pepper gel packages can prove a useful self-defense item. Most brands can be deployed from a distance. For example, if you have a wild animal like a bear charging towards you, you can easily deploy the pepper spray and give yourself specious time to act and get to safety.

Urban Safety Solutions has one of the best and most-effective pepper gel kits available today. The key features housed in the Wildfire pepper spray make it stand out from any other brand in the market. For instance, the pepper gel kit is the hottest in the market, with a Scoville Heat measure of over 2 million units. This is hotter than any pepper you’re ever tried and is sure to keep the attacker at bay when used.

Another standout feature of the Urban Safety Solution pepper spray gel is the underlying UV light. This light is invisible to the naked eye but is detectable under UV light. Even when the assailant manages to get away, you can easily identify them as the UV light doesn’t disappear for some time.

The Wildfire pepper spray gel does not cause permanent damage. However, the criminal will be in agonizing pain for at least 45 minutes. Moreover, the more they rub the gel on their face, the more it will hurt. You can use this time to run away, report the assailant, or get help from nearby standers.

Benefits of using Pepper Gel include;

  • Free shipping on
  • Protection Against Multiple Threats
  • Gel Only Affects The Target
  • Better Control & Aim
  • Wildfire pepper spray gel has an invisible dye that identifies the perpetrator

Shortcomings of Pepper Spray are;

  • They might not work in some extreme weather conditions like a storm or strong winds.
  • Other people near the criminal may be affected by the pepper spray
  • Some places ban the use of pepper sprays

The cases where pepper spray can be used are numerous. Ensure you have your Wildfire pepper spray with you wherever you go. Some brands are fashionable and can be easily concealed in fashion, like your bag pack or key chain. Wildfire pepper gel makes up a significant portion of the ultimate pepper gel dorm/apartment kit.

3. Super Door Stop Alarm


If you look at most self-defense items today, you’ll notice they’ve been made to be used actively. For example, pepper spray is a great protection tool when you’re outside or in the wild. But it is important to factor in your protection at all times, whether you’re indoors or outdoors or even awake or asleep.

Most attackers and criminals will choose to attack when you are most vulnerable. One of these times is when you’re alone indoors or even asleep. You can take certain measures to ensure you’re safe even when indoors. For example, you can ensure all your doors and windows are locked before you go to bed.

Nonetheless, a criminal can still pick your door lock or break the door to get to you. The super door-stop alarm will keep this from happening and keep you safe even when you’re asleep. The Urban Safety Solutions super door stop alarm wedges the door and makes it impossible to open from the other side.

Aside from the physical protection from wedging the door shut, the super doors top alarm also acts as your alarm. Personal alarms may not work when you’re sleeping, which is what this gadget seeks to fix. If someone tries to tamper with your door, the alarm will go off and alert you and anyone close by.

Advantages of getting a super door stop alarm include;

  • The wedge makes it hard for someone to breakdown the door even if they pick up the lock
  • It’s lightweight and can be carried anywhere you’re going
  • The gadget has an alarm that will scream at 120 decibels if someone tries to open the door
  • There are little-to-no restrictions to having a super door stop alarm

The alarm on a super door stop alarm can be adjusted. If you want a sensitive setting, you can set the sensitivity high, and you’ll be alerted if the door is tampered with even in the slightest. Even without the alarm, the wedge keeps the door shut and keeps you safe. This gadget is part of the ultimate college safety kit. You can also use it when traveling or staying in an Airbnb.

4. College Survival Kit


As mentioned earlier, college females are among the most vulnerable groups in society. Many criminals will target college females and take advantage of their innocence. If you are a college student, you should consider investing in the college survival kit.

The Urban Safety Solutions college survival kit includes everything you need to protect yourself in almost every situation. Some of the items included in the package include a spike stun gun, a super door stop alarm, and the Wildfire pepper spray gel.

This top-rated package comes highly recommended by both parents and students. If you have someone in college, getting them this kit will significantly improve their safety and protection options. Should they ever find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, they’ll have the tools to defend themselves.

At the end of the day, your safety should be your top priority. The community and law enforcement agencies have taken various steps to improve general security and safety in society. Nonetheless, should the occasion arise, you should be prepared to protect yourself.

A criminal will often attack you with everything they’ve got. In the same way, you should take every measure to keep yourself safe. This may include avoiding dangerous places, walking in groups, and being aware of your surroundings. However, if attacked by an assailant, you can still protect yourself with the Urban Safety Solutions self defense products listed above.

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