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Home Selling 101: Landscaping Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

A recent statistic from the National Association of REALTORS® reveals that 100% of the costs you would spend on tree care and landscape maintenance to enhance your curb appeal will recover when you sell your home.

When you boost your curb appeal, you have nothing to lose. You can only gain!

Follow these landscaping tips to really wow potential home buyers.

Landscaping Design For Curb Appeal

The most prominent part of your landscape design is the size of your lawn. Someone looking at your home can also notice if your front yard has a slope.

However, your home is an essential part of curb appeal, too. All these elements work together.

The design of your home is an important detail when considering a garden around it. For example, if you have a modern-looking building, you should consider a minimalist garden as a beautiful touch. A cottage-style landscape is a perfect enhancement for a home that is more like a farmhouse.

Complimentary Colors

When contemplating curb appeal ideas, first look at the color of your home. You want to consider plants that accent the house, including the color of the flowers and plants.

It will pop with matching vibrant colors to a red home, like red, bright yellow, and orange. Purple, white, and pink are soothing and can complement a house with blue or white trim.

Consider Proportions

The plants you choose for your front yard must enhance the size and shape of your home. For example, a large home could enjoy repetition and rows of midsize shrubs. A long row of small flowers would not do a large home must do justice to curb appeal.

The best landscaping idea for curb appeal is to have the plants impact the shape of the house, including the walkways, driveway, and lines surrounding the property.

Leverage Your Hardscaping

Do you have a pretty bench in your front yard? Adding perennials and shrubs can be what your curb appeal needs! Homes with deep sidewalks can benefit from broader flower beds.

Whatever you are looking for, this landscape supply company has it.

Decorate the Pathway to Your Home

Your front door is prominent. It clearly shows how to enter the home. You want your family and guests to feel welcome when they approach your home for a gathering.

Equally important is that it plays an important role in curb appeal. The pathway to get to the front door should be intuitive. Guests see a clear and natural way to get to the house from the driveway or street.

Sometimes, walkways are straight. Other times, then bend or curve. The appearance of your path to your home should be a lovely, inviting experience.

When to Add Big Plants

People decide on your curb appeal within a matter of seconds. This is the first glimpse they get. When someone sees your home from a distance, you want a landscape design that has “an anchor.

Big plants get attention from farther away. You don’t need anything too large, though. Further, don’t let your big plants block essential areas of your home, such as a doorway and windows.

Low-Maintenance Gardens

If you feel you could sell your home at any point in the future, keeping up your garden is a good idea. The more elaborate your landscape design is, the more complex maintenance could be if you choose high-maintenance plants. For those who love gardening, it’s still a lot of work for the home buyer.

Potential home buyers will want a beautiful landscape but may not like many plants. Even plants that shed a lot of seed pods or petals could be discouraging. Keep the landscape clean and simple to upkeep.

Curb Appeal For Every Season

There is more to your landscape other than the beauty of spring and summer. Winter may be cold, and flowers may be sleeping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home still appear inviting. Trees and shrubs will still be visible.

Consider landscape ideas that will suit you and a home buyer all year.

Illuminate the Landscape

Even in the dark, you can highlight the best features of your home and its landscaping. Not only that, but it increases security. Start with the walkway, which helps visitors find your door and see the ground before them.

You can use solar stakes and low-voltage lighting. These come in many styles and a wide price range. If you can imagine it and have a budget, you can find lighting to enhance your landscape design.

Floodlights and spotlights are impressive, too, adding a dimension to your front yard.

Use Rocks to Fill Voids

If there are areas where the flower beds are not making far enough reach, consider a giant boulder. This is an idea that adds aesthetics for all seasons too!

You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch

Look at the exterior of your home with an artistic eye. There are some elements there that will continue to work for your curb appeal. Your goal is to add on and make it better.

Consider your landscape design a “makeover” project and not something you build from the ground up.

Landscaping Tips

Curb appeal is important to home buyers. These landscaping tips can help you sell faster. We want you to be successful in everything you do, so you can get what you want.

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