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4 Signs Your Heating Furnace Is Broken

Is your furnace broken?

Whether you’ve just bought your home or lived in it for years, knowing what to look for when your heating system is acting up is essential.

Of course, you can contact a heating repairer before your furnace breaks. Instead, by knowing what to look for, you’ll be able to save money by calling one in as early as possible.

Keep reading to learn about four signs your heating furnace is broken.

1. Lack of Heat

When your furnace fails to provide heat, it is usually a clear sign of heating cycle problems.  Common causes of insufficient heating may include a faulty furnace motor, a dirty filter, clogged vents, a malfunctioning thermostat, an electrical issue, low levels of fuel, or age.

It is essential to ensure that all safety protocols are followed. Furnace problems can create hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning if not adequately addressed. Luckily, oil furnaces produce less carbon monoxide than their natural gas-powered counterparts.

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2. Strange Noises

Strange noises from your heating furnace can signify that it is broken and requires furnace repair. This could be loud, unfamiliar noises, such as rattling, banging, buzzing, whistling, or squealing. These noises can indicate something is wrong with your furnace’s fan, blower, or other mechanical parts.

Additionally, if your furnace is older, it could be the beginning of its eventual breakdown. With any strange noise coming from your furnace, you should consult a professional to look at and diagnose the problem.

3. Yellow Pilot Light

A yellow pilot light warns that your heating furnace may malfunction. This is because the pilot light is a small flame that controls the furnace’s heating capabilities.

When the pilot light turns yellow instead of its usual blue, it can indicate something is wrong. This could be a problem with gas pressure, improper ventilation, or a failing thermocouple.

4. Strange Smells

Strange smells from your heating furnace often indicate that it’s broken. It may smell like burning plastic or rubber when the insulation on the wiring has melted due to overheating. A musty, moldy smell indicates mold spores circulating throughout the air, likely due to a blocked filter or vent.

An acrid odor, like a campfire with a burnt chemical smell, could be caused by a cracked heat exchanger releasing toxic gasses into your living space. A rotten egg smell could mean the pilot light has a gas leak.

If Your Furnace Is Broken, Make Sure to Get it Fixed ASAP

Your heating furnace is an essential component of your home. If signs such as odd smells, unusual noises, or an inability to keep your house warm are present, your furnace has likely broken down.

Be proactive in responding to potential signs of a broken heating furnace, and don’t wait for them to get worse. Contact a professional if your furnace is broken to assess the best solution for your home today!

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