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The Best Types of Vans to Live In

How do you know if a van is the right type of living space for you?

Most people focus on finding the best type of engine. While this is important, it’s equally or more important to consider the best types of vans to live in.

But with choice comes confusion. To that end, we’ve listed the best types of vans you can pick from. Read on to find out more.

Mercedes Sprinter

It can accommodate up to four people and has a significantly larger interior than most vans, giving plenty of space to move around and store belongings. The interior also includes a well-designed control center and a spacious kitchenette with a two-burner stove, refrigerator, and sink.

All of this is complemented by several luxurious features such as leather seating, a fully-functioning dining area, and Bluetooth audio capabilities. Furthermore, the Mercedes Sprinter offers an abundance of cargo space and can easily hold multiple pieces of outdoor equipment and even a bicycle. The ride is smooth and comfortable, with great fuel economy and superior safety features. 

VW Bus

Its classic design has been around for decades, making it easy to find parts and accessories to customize it. Its popularity also makes it relatively easy to find a good used VW bus in good condition. VW buses typically have a lot of interior space that can be used to customize livable space.

The engines are reliable and efficient, making them attractive for individuals who need the vehicle to make day trips or road trips. The delivery vans also have great ground clearance, a wide wheelbase, and durable tires, making them excellent choices for off-roading. 

Vauxhall Movano

The Vauxhall Movano is one of the best types of vans for living. It’s spacious, modern, and practical. The van is available in a range of sizes, from short wheelbase, medium wheelbase, and long wheelbase, to provide a van with the necessary amount of space for living.

It also has a large cargo area, so you can bring along all the essential items for your journey and save space for your living room. Interior features such as comfortable seating, an efficient heater and cooling system, and optional DVD players will provide you with the creature comforts you need to keep yourself comfortable while living in your van.

Ford Transit

The Transit has the largest cargo area and highest payload of any other full-sized van. This makes it perfect for city driving and loading and unloading goods. The Transit also has an excellent suspension system that makes off-road use an enjoyable experience.

The Transit model is also incredibly comfortable and has plenty of storage space to let you stay organized while on the go. You can even customize the Transit to make it your own personalized home on the road. The Transit is also an economical option, providing great value for its price. Get out there, start exploring, and live your best van life.

Choose The Best Vans To Live In That Suit Your Style

Living in a van can be an adventurous, cost-effective way to travel and explore. From large Class A’s to smaller Class B’s, there are a variety of vans that can be converted for living to suit anyone’s needs and lifestyle.

Whether it’s for the weekend or a full-time living arrangement, there is a van to fit your needs. Researching the best types of vans to live in can help to ensure you make the right choice. Start your search today!

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