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Rose Color Meanings: What Are You Really Saying?

Giving a bouquet of roses is a gesture that everyone will appreciate. Just make sure they’re the right color! Different color roses have different meanings, so one should choose carefully.

To avoid making a mistake or conveying something too intense, brush up on rose color meanings below!

Rose Color Meanings

Red Roses

Ever a classic, red roses are everywhere during Valentine’s Day. Their rich color and beauty convey deep romantic love.

In ancient Greece and Rome, red roses were the flowers given to Venus and Aphrodite, the goddesses of love. Hopeful lovers would place them in their temples for good luck in romance.

Lovers have been giving roses since the fall of the Roman empire and the practice has stood the test of time. They’re perfect for special dates, a partners birthday, or Valentine’s Day.

Pink Roses

Beautiful and simple pink roses are versatile in their meaning. Originally, they stood for an early or budding love but they can also express gratitude.

Light pink roses are reserved for budding romances and admiration. They’re perfect for expressing emotion without saying “I love you.”

Dark pink roses, on the other hand, express gratitude and appreciation. They are a beautiful way to say thank you and will make a striking desk piece.

Purple Roses

Light purple roses symbolize enchantment and are for admitting love at first sight. Dark purple roses convey a sense of everlasting love and are often seen at anniversaries.

White Roses

Striking in their simplicity, white roses are often seen at weddings and births. Their color brings to mind thoughts of innocence and purity.

Along with purity, they express a wish for hopeful new beginnings and have evolved to say, “I’m thinking of you.” White roses are appropriate for funerals as well as expressions of sympathy.

Cream roses, white roses’ darker cousins, represent grace and a platonic love. They are a beautiful choice for after performances and recitals.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses have a bright and happy demeanor and are perfect for cheering people up. They express a joyful and platonic feeling perfect for close friends.

Their sunny presence makes them appropriate as getting well flowers. They’re perfect to send to a friend after an illness or a surgery.

Orange Roses

The least used of the roses, orange roses can express a great number of things. Their bright color conveys enthusiasm and passion in all different types of contexts.

Add orange roses to other color bouquets to make other rose color meanings stronger. A combination of red and orange roses would express a more intense love than red roses alone.

Bouquet Size

Giving a single rose is an elegant gesture but makes less of an impact than a bouquet. The classic rose bouquet has six or twelve and consists of nothing but roses and occasionally baby’s breath.

If the rose color meanings evade you, a florist will be happy to recommend the appropriate color. No matter the color, their recipient will be thrilled to receive them.

Were there any colors on this list that were surprising? Let us know in the comments!

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