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How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating on You: A Simple Guide

Each year in the US, there are over 700,000 divorces. If you are worried your spouse is being unfaithful, you might be considering a divorce.

Before you pull the trigger, you want to be sure that you have a good reason. You might think they are cheating on you, but you aren’t sure if they are. Continue reading this article to learn how to find out if someone is cheating on you.

Defensive Over Phone Calls & Texts

If your spouse suddenly starts freaking out when you ask them who is calling or texting, this could be a sign they are cheating. They might try to make you feel like you are overreacting, or being paranoid.

Hiding Their Social Media

Did your spouse stop posting a lot on their social media? They may haven’t been posting as they normally do, they might have created a totally new social media profile that you can’t see.

Unexpected or Unexplained Trips

If your spouse never used to travel before, it is easy to figure out that something could be up. Where are they going and why?

On the other hand, if your spouse travels for work, it can be a little trickier to figure out. You can visit this website and find an investigator to help you track down the dirt if you can’t find anything.

Besides searching for an investigator, you could also try to trip them up to see if what they say is inconsistent. Did they say they are going to Chicago and then they accidentally say they are going to New York? This could be a red flag.

They Accuse You of Cheating

What’s a better defense than a good offense? If your spouse accuses you of cheating without any reason to do so, it could be a sign that they are cheating.

Accusing you of cheating can be an easy way to keep the heat off of them and make you feel like you’ve done something wrong. Don’t fall for this switcharoo and start feeling bad.

They Are Happy But Not With You

Has your spouse started showing signs of being extra happy, but has no explanation as to why that is? When you ask them, do they say that they are just happy?

If they are acting happy but they aren’t being nice to you, or if they are acting strange, they could be happy because of another person in their life. 

How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating On You – Now You Know

Now you know how to find out if someone is cheating on you. It’s not something anyone is excited to find out about, but knowing whether your spouse has been unfaithful is a key step in getting closure.

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