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How To Find A Janitorial Company Near Me

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An explanation for “how to find a janitorial company near me”? Finding a good quality janitorial company near me or near you is sometimes very difficult but below are the factors to analyze.  Health and wellness are two of the most important considerations for workers, employers, families, and individuals. Consumers have become more mindful of janitorial companies results since the Pandemic of COVID-19 hit the United States.  Customers are noticing the difference between vendors and contractors and their level of trust has declined in a lot of cases with their current vendor.  Customers are looking for high quality work with sustained routine cleaning with knowledgeable staff.  The health of our people in the U.S. and the economy are at risk.

Consequently, we have become more discerning towards practices in relation to health and wellness. One field that has gained more popularity in the field of Professional Janitorial Services. This field has become more science-based and structured in recent years. Its role in maintaining health and wellness has also been more pronounced, especially now that the world is dealing with an unprecedented pandemic.

Certifications and Industry Standards

One such international standard is the Cleaning Industry Management Standard, otherwise known as CIMS. Administered by ISSA, CIMS was created for facility service provider (FSP) organizations, and applies to an organization’s management structure, performance systems, and processes. It’s a framework to help facility service providers develop customer-centered organizations. Compliance with the standard demonstrates that the organization is structured to deliver consistent, quality services. ISSA administers these standards and is a not-for-profit association founded in 1923.  They pride themselves on being the leading association for the cleaning industry worldwide. ISSA administration ensures that there is no commercial bias to any group.

By having CIMS certification, much of the guesswork is taken out of the equation. The risk relating to the cleaning organization is unable to deliver consistent quality service is significantly reduced. Furthermore, many of the CIMS elements easily transfer to other facilities services, expanding its value far beyond cleaning. A CIMS certification provides a solid framework for companies providing janitorial services, which will help in developing closer customer ties, enhanced professional image for the company, growth opportunities, unique market position, and in becoming a reliable business resource for customers.

Factors to Consider

According to a study commissioned by IBISWorld, the janitorial and cleaning services was a $61 billion industry in 2019, a third of which was commercial cleaning. No wonder this has gained a lot of interest from various business entities. In line with this, one important factor to consider when looking for the perfect cleaning services provider.  Are they are a franchise, subcontracted, family-run, small business, large corporation?

Franchise and Subcontract Companies


Furthermore,  in our explanation while looking for a janitorial company near me.  Most of the time franchises and subcontracted cleaning companies often pop up.  they offer affordable services; however, their work quality may not be the best. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

Franchise and subcontract companies normally don’t have the end user/cleaner insured correctly.  The franchise owner may or may not have the ability for workers comp and liability insurance.  The training and vetting of the Franchise and subcontract companies is normally very poor.  The employees are not E-Verified, Federal, State and local taxes are not reported and nothing is standardized.  The chemical selections are typically bought at the local grocery stores or Wal-Mart.  These chemicals are for residential use and Not Commercial use!  At the end of the day the franchise company or subcontract company is not a cleaning company.  They are either a company selling contracts for ridiculous amounts with no training and accountability or the subcontract cleaning companies just throw other potential companies into their facilities.  In most cases they are either General Contractors “Subcontract companies” or sales companies “Franchise companies”.

The major problem that is plaguing janitorial companies is low staff retention, especially during the Pandemic. It is common for janitorial staff to leave after only 3 to 6 months on the job. Considering all the effort and expenses involved in training personnel.  Imagine buying into a franchise to find out you make less than minimum wage?  Imagine you gain a contract from a sub contracting company to find out they are skimming 30% while you do all the work including providing insurances, workers comp, payroll processes these are most likely expenses the subcontractor or franchise owner cant afford and results in high turnover in your facility.

Another byproduct of low employee retention is that new people constantly come in and out. Eventually, it can be difficult to ensure a high-quality and consistent service – one of the primary things most customers seek.

The Challenge Of Retention


Employees leave for a variety of reasons. Among the primary reasons are the low wages, absence of insurance, and other benefits. Due to a rigid and often complicated corporate structure, franchises and subcontracted companies often find it challenging to set competitive wages for their employees without affecting another department’s budget. The same goes for offering insurance for their employees. These are supposedly important as it contributes to an employee’s sense of stability and safety of tenure. Without these, it is quite expected (although this may not be true in all cases) the quality of an employee’s output may suffer.

Due to the sheer size of some of these companies, they’ve become too focused on profits. Instead of improving the quality of their service through training their employees on the latest technologies involved in cleaning, they instead cut costs and lessen the value of the service they provide to the customers. This is an unfortunate byproduct of corporate greed, if you may.

Lastly, and this may be related to cutting costs, some commercial janitorial services providers do not have liability insurance. Imagine you have a facility and have entrusted its thorough cleaning to a company such as this one. How can you rest easy knowing that if something bad happens to your place, no one’s going to be held accountable for the liabilities? That’s just too big a risk for a business owner.


Final Thoughts on Locating a Janitorial Company Near Me


In summary, our explanation how to find a janitorial company near me and getting a commercial janitorial services provider is not as simple as you think, but now that you know what to look for, then we trust that it’s not going to be as complicated either. It is of utmost importance to go over a company’s track record, certifications garnered, and customer feedback (more than their affordability) to ascertain if they can live up to your expectations.  Depending on the size facility you occupy will depend on the size janitorial company you would look for.  Obviously smaller companies have a harder time ramping up bigger contracts while bigger companies have a harder time sustaining small contracts.  So ask the company your interviewing their size and outreach.  You may very well be speaking with a very small company or a regional company without even knowing it.


TC Services

TC Services is a family-run company offering high-quality, reliable, and affordable janitorial services since 2012. Our employees are our most significant source of pride and investment. To ensure consistent and high-quality output from our employees, we make sure to give them equitable wages, competitive benefits, and worker’s insurance. We also conduct frequent training on the latest technology used in the commercial cleaning industry, especially now that we’re thrust into the vanguard of keeping our customer’s workplaces safe and virus-free. To provide our customers with peace of mind, we also have extensive liability coverages to provide that added layer of protection from uncertainties.

If you need a competent, detailed commercial janitorial service provider, contact TC Services.  We are happy to answer any questions and are happy to help with your janitorial needs.

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