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LoMack of LoMack Entertainment Launches New Clothing Line & Stars in “Daddy U Misspelled Father” on Tubi, Amazon Prime

Meet Jeremy LoMack: St. Petersburg native, CEO of LoMack Entertainment and L.M.E. Models, and a multitalented artist with a unique sound in R&B, gospel, country, and hip-hop. He’s also an entrepreneur with his own clothing line and a star of the hit show “Daddy U Misspelled Father” on Tubi and Amazon Prime. LoMack is the ultimate modern-day artist and CEO.


St. Petersburg, FL, February 27, 2023- Looking for some new threads to lounge in while you watch the latest Tubi or Amazon Prime shows? Jeremy LoMack (who goes by just LoMack) has launched his own clothing line: L.M.E.

The name is an acronym for LoMack Entertainment—LoMack’s own music label—and Let Me Eat, ventures synonymous with LoMack’s competing interests. It’s streetwear that’s as suitable for the club as it is for lounging around the house.

“Creating my own clothing line was a natural extension of my passion for style and self-expression. L.M.E. is more than just a label; it represents my diverse interests, from music to fashion, to entertainment. Whether you’re headed to the club or just hanging out at home, L.M.E. has you covered,” LoMack states.

As if that wasn’t enough, LoMack does much more than work on his fashion empire. He’s also well-established in the entertainment industry—he’s a passionate musician and an actor at the beginning of a stand-out career.

As a musician, he pioneers a unique mix of R&B, gospel, country, and hip-hop and knows his way around a drum kit—to say the least. As an actor, he has a flexible on-screen presence and a burgeoning TV career. Most recently, he starred in the TV mini-series “Daddy U Misspelled Father,” viewable right now on Tubi and Amazon Prime.

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that success comes from pursuing your passions and finding creative ways to combine them. Whether music, fashion, or entertainment, it’s about staying true to yourself and building a brand that reflects who you are. I’m excited to see where my journey takes me and to inspire others to chase their dreams as well,” LoMack concludes.

LoMack is proud of his success as an entrepreneur in the vibrant St. Petersburg, Florida, entertainment and fashion scenes. The stress of juggling competing talents in music, acting, and fashion design doesn’t phase him. In fact, uncovering new creative crossovers is what drives him in his quest to succeed against all odds.

About LoMack Entertainment:

St. Petersburg, FL, native Jeremy LoMack is a singer, songwriter, drummer, hip-hop artist, and the CEO of LoMack Entertainment and L.M.E. Models. You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist as passionate about his artistry and brand as LoMack. This highly talented individual creates R&B, gospel, country, and hip-hop music with a unique sound for each genre. But he’s not just a musical artist; he’s also a passionate entrepreneur with his own clothing line—L.M.E, short for LoMack Entertainment and Let Me Eat. Catch his acting in “Daddy U Misspelled Father”—on Tubi and Amazon Prime right now.

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