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Baapstore Sellers Finds 700% Increase in Sales

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It is indeed a commendable growth that many of the baapstore dropship resellers are reporting their sales to be increased by up to 7 times by the 3rd quarter of FY21-22. A couple of main reasons for the increase in sales seems to be the newly added niche products by Baapstore and the first festival season after many health crisis lockdowns.


Since March 2020, there were multiple lockdowns across the globe, it is only in the last 3 months that common people are getting back to their usual lifestyle, especially in India where no major lockdowns were announced in the past 3 to 5 months. Though Baapstore sellers were already enjoying an increase in sales from their respective eCommerce stores and social media channels, it is noted that they are receiving about 7 times more sales in the current quarter. Not just Baapstore, the entire economic outlook in India seems to be unbelievably positive since the last lockdown. As more than a billion health crisis-related doses are administered and global health crisis restrictions are removed, people are confident that no more lockdowns will be implemented and this positive attitude has led to the increase in sales across shops and estores, the major winner is the online stores.


Adding to the above-mentioned positive outlook, the festival season in India where major festivals like Ramadan, Diwali, Christmas, and Pongal/Sankranti fall in the last two quarters of the financial year, adds to the already skyrocketing sales for all the Baapstore sellers.


As Baapstore recently added a whole lot of niche products in kitchenware, personal care, fitness, etc., the dropship resellers are able to sell more unique products to their end customers. The biggest advantages for Baapstore resellers are that they enjoy the largest dropship-able SKUs with the highest profit margin and get full-stack dropshipping services including inventory, cataloging, deliveries, tech support, returns management, and high-profit margin.


The majority of the Indian online shop owners are positive that the sales wave will keep continuing as more and more people are buying online which is a good sign for all the traders and especially for the dropshipping resellers like Baapstore’s resellers.


We anticipate that the huge shift from offline to online sales is happening drastically and people who start selling online via the dropshipping route will have huge benefits since they will be able to sell thousands of SKUs at very minimal investment and thus outperforming the traditional sellers.

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