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How to Control Anxiety

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Anxiety disorder is a common mental health problem that affects many Americans. In fact, it is the most common mental illness in the United States with approximately 40 million adults suffering from the condition. This condition is treatable but only a small percentage of people with this condition seek viable anxiety treatment and addiction in Ft Lauderdale, and know how to control anxiety.

Often the condition goes without an official diagnosis, and people self-medicate using drugs. However, this often leads to another problem, namely substance use disorder. Understanding how to control anxiety is a first step in overcoming this challenging disorder.

Know Your Triggers

The first thing in being able to tackle anxiety is to know what types of things trigger it in you. Maybe you haven’t paid much attention to what causes you to get anxious or maybe you know exactly what type of situations cause your heart to start beating fast and cause your adrenaline to surge. If you aren’t aware of the reasons for your anxiety triggers, then write it down when it happens.

Practice Positive Thinking Strategies

Now that you know what types of things trigger your anxiety, analyze each one to see if any of them are the result of faulty thinking. For example, if you get anxious when you are in a group of people, think about why you are anxious. What is the reason for it? Of course, you have to do this when you are calm and in a rational state of mind. If there are ones that have no valid reason to be anxious about, then you can work to remove the faulty thinking.

Have a Plan

Even though you may tell yourself that you don’t have a reason to be anxious about some of the things on your list, you still may get anxious over them. Also, there will be other things on your list that you have a legitimate cause to feel anxious about. Therefore, you need to have a plan when these situations arise.

What will you do? Learn deep breathing techniques because that can provide immediate relief to an accelerated heart rate. You may have to center yourself or focus on some pleasant thought or a physical object. If you get physical symptoms of anxiety, you may need a plan to counteract that.

Turning to drugs need not be part of your plan. There are other ways to control anxiety. If you are struggling with anxiety and using drugs as a result then check with anxiety treatment and addiction in Ft. Lauderdale for help.

Looking to Learn How to Control Anxiety?

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