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What is the best material for luxury outdoor furniture?

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Luxury outdoor furniture should be made of materials that provide you with lasting value. Homeowners and resort owners in lush tropical settings want beauty and elegance. Still, they also desire functional furniture, doesn’t start to rust after a shower of rain, and retains its shape and color even in harsh climatic conditions.

Teak, powder-coated aluminum, and HDPE are often better choices than stainless steel in humid or warm environments. By selecting furniture that’s stylish but suited to your climate, you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for many years to come.

Versatile Teak

Teak is a tropical hardwood, and it’s considered one of the most sustainable options for designing luxury outdoor furniture. It’s used to make a wide selection of stylish outdoor furniture to suit any garden layout or aesthetic. Teak is naturally resistant to moisture, light, and heat, so it retains its beauty for years, with very little maintenance required

Teak can be cleaned and oiled on occasion to enhance the beauty of this insect-resistant wood. When treated in this way, it will easily last a lifetime, and this makes it a good fit for outdoor spaces that future generations will inherit. No matter what type of environment it’s used in, teak furniture will resist the elements.

Homeowners can adjust the appearance of teak furniture by altering their cleaning regimen. This dramatically changes how their entire garden looks since teak that’s cleaned and oiled every six months will look raw and green. When it’s only oiled every few years, it has a more weathered appearance.

Powder Coated Aluminum

Manutti uses weather-resistant powder-coated aluminum in several of its outdoor designs. This type of metal has a fluidized powder coating which is sprayed on to form a protective layer. Water and air cannot penetrate this layer to react with the metal below, and this makes it a right choice for gardens in coastal towns., which are exposed to salt and moisture in the air, right through the day and night.

Powder-coated aluminum has several other properties that make it ideal for coastal towns. These pieces are available in exciting colors which match the theme of your home or hotel. They offer you a high level of strength and durability while effortlessly accommodating guests of all ages. You won’t find your furniture developing rust spots or streaks of discoloration, and these pieces won’t absorb moisture.

Since aluminum is malleable, you’ll always have a wide range of gorgeous designs to choose from for your patio or outdoor dining area. Weather-resistant Blum garden chairs from Empormim have rigid aluminum frames that easily support your entire body. Simultaneously, their contoured armrests make it easy to comfortably sit and read or sketch under the shade of a mango or Otaheite apple tree.

HDPE Fiber Ideal for the Tropics

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) fiber is typically spun into rope, used in luxury outdoor furniture that adds a relaxing look to patios in warm, tropical climates. Love seats, lounge chairs, and daybeds made with HDPE fiber have a high strength-to-density ratio, so they will stand up to daily use as your children play, or you take a break in the evenings. Unlike stainless steel, which is more robust, it won’t rust in areas frequently cooled by evening rain.

Luxury outdoor furniture made from HDPE fiber is environmentally-friendly because HDPE can be recycled. It is resistant to rain, sun, and saltwater, making it ideal for oceanfront properties and tropical resorts. HDPE patio sets can add warmth to verandas and gazebos built-in areas that receive light snowfall and ice each year. Since they don’t absorb water, they won’t rot or splinter in regions prone to heavy wind and rain.

You won’t have to rush outside to cover HDPE furniture when the weather gets rough. While it’s durable, this type of luxury outdoor furniture is attractive and pleasant to touch. Outdoor dining sets that are made using HDPE are exceptionally resistant to fungi and insects, so you can host garden parties in regions where other eco-friendly options like pine and bamboo are not ideal. These classy sets are easy to maintain and don’t require painting or staining.

UV and Water Resistant Fabrics

Knoll and Manutti produce luxury outdoor furniture with soft surfaces that invite you to rest outside for hours. The fabrics used for these pieces are treated to ensure that they don’t fade in sunlight, so your outdoor seating always looks fresh when you invite family to enjoy a meal outside. The fabrics are also resistant to water, so spills during meals can be quickly wiped up without leaving stains.

While Manutti offers UV-resistant chairs made with stainless steel, these are not recommended for areas close to the ocean. Even stainless steel with a protective coating will start to show signs of rust in this environment. Saltwater is like an acid and will slowly destroy the metal. It’s ideal to select luxury outdoor furniture made with colorful, UV-resistant fabric and powder coated aluminum frames in that type of setting.

Outdoor patio sets that are made with fabric that’s resistant to water and the sun’s radiation are frequently treated in other areas to prevent light damage. Armadillo rattan easy chairs from Expormim are made with a coating containing UV filters, making these chairs resistant to radiation damage.

Quick Drying Foam

Dressing up your garden with a fabric garden bed made of quick-drying foam or flow-through foam with a liner makes it easy for you to nap outdoors in the tropics, even with the threat of rain. If your outdoor sofa gets wet, it will dry quickly and be ready for your next nap.


Teak, quick-drying foam, powder-coated aluminum, and HDPE fiber are some of the popular materials used in outdoor furniture. Designs that incorporate these can add elegance to your home and last for years, as long as you select the material that’s the best choice for your climate.

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