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How to Choose the Best LED Dog Collar

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Your furry friends might keep you feeling safe during darker hours, but have you considered their safety as well?

For early-morning or late-night walks, it’s essential that your pup can see clearly and can be seen clearly. For their safety, you’ll need the best LED dog collar for them!

Don’t buy just any LED collar. Take the time to select the best fit for you and your dog. From choosing its durability to selecting its style and design, LED collar shopping is made easy with our helpful guide!

Continue reading for our guide on how to choose the best LED collar for your pup!


The first factor to consider is the collar’s size. Some LED collars are made adjustable while others come in sizes. No matter which kind you choose, just be sure that the sizing is right for your dog.

You don’t want your pup to feel uncomfortable while taking a walk. And you also want to ensure that the light is seen properly. If you have a dog with long hair, be sure that the collar is visible through the hair or is placed on top of the hair.

Placing the collar on top of thick hair means the collar will need to be a bit bigger than expected. This is why adjustable collars are a great choice. Adjustable LED collars also come in handy when using it on multiple dogs that might be of different sizes.


Before the sun comes up or after the sun goes down, human vision decreases significantly. A LED collar that provides enhanced brightness is a must for early-morning and late-night walks. Choose a LED collar that’s visible up to 30 ft.

You want the collar to be bright enough to alert motorists and bike riders that you and your dog are there. This is the best way to avoid accidents.

You should be able to see exactly where you’re going and what’s in front of you, while making sure everyone around you can see you too. Some LED collars even offer a rotating light to provide even more visibility rather than only pointing directly in front.


Most LED collars require batteries to power them. Others require a USB to be plugged into it for a charge. When choosing the best LED collar, you might consider selecting the one that doesn’t require batteries.

If a collar requires batteries, it is another expense to add to your bills.

You’ll need to replace the batteries as needed and there’s always the risk of batteries becoming corroded. Using a LED collar that only relies on a USB plug for charging purposes means you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries or going to put the collar on your pup only to realize the batteries are dead and you’re all out of spares.


How long the collar holds a charge is the next thing to consider. How long will you need your pup’s LED collar to hold a charge? Do you normally take simple 30-minute walks, or do you and your pup go for all-day outings where you’ll need the collar to last you from dawn to dusk?

Think about this before deciding on which collar to purchase.

Longer charge life means you won’t have to worry as frequently about charging it. This also means you run a lesser risk of going to put the collar on your dog only to find out it’s dead. Check the specs of LED collars and the charge life it offers before making a final decision.


Don’t forget to research how durable an LED collar is before making the purchase. The quality of the LED collar and the durability aren’t only important for the collar’s abilities. These are important factors when considering your dog’s safety, as well.

The best LED collars will be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions without causing harm to your pup. Remember that many LED collars use electrical components and you don’t want a poor quality collar that may malfunction during inclement weather conditions.

If you and your dog have been caught in the rain a time or two, then most likely it’ll happen again. Choose a LED collar that’s resistant to water. Fully waterproof LED collars are not options as fully submerging it in water will cause damage.

However, purchasing one that’s water-resistant ensures that it’ll still function properly if caught in a storm or splashed from the water bowl. Keep everyone safe by choosing durable and high-quality LED collars.


The very last step in choosing the right LED collar for your pup is deciding on its design and style. These collars come in many colors, which gives you full freedom in selecting a color that best suits your dog. The design is another important factor.

Some collars offer a 360 degree light and others offer LED strips coiled throughout the entire collar. Choose the option that you believe will work best for you and your pup!


Now that you know what to look for when selecting your dog’s LED collar, it’s time to find the best LED dog collar for your pup today!

Check out our LED collar options and have peace of mind knowing that any collar that you choose from our website is of high-quality for both you and your dog.

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