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How to Bring Modern Technology into your Home

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Modern decor and interior style is now slowly stepping into the futuristic age, with the things that we have previously only seen in movies now becoming actual reality. Homes are no longer just about what type of sofa you have, or what kind of ornate fixtures or fancy ornaments you have. Technology has now taken centre stage, and unless your home is truly modern, then no matter how good it looks it will be seen as behind the times.

But where to begin?

Firstly you should focus on what a home is actually for; comfort. Modern decor should be about making life easier, and making you want to come home and enjoy your own space. For this you need a few things that will make your home much more connected to satisfy your needs.

Sound When you Want it
Remember back in the 80s and 90s those huge sound systems? They were bulky, heavy and took up way to much room. Plus they were only in one place so you had to be careful where you plugged everything in! Now however, you have the Google Max Home, which is a home assistant made with some fantastic speakers. You can plug several of these in and connect them all to your system via Bluetooth. They will not only be your search assistant, but also play and control music with the sound of your voice. Compatible with Chromecast speakers, all you need to do is activate it with your voice and say what song you want to hear. No matter where you are in the home, every room where there are speakers the music will play. How amazing is that?


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Dancing with the Heat
Central heating is quite rudimentary if you think about it. It’s all controlled by boilers, and every room is heated even if you’re only using one. So switching to something such as this modern electric Panel Heater would be an amazing improvement. The heater might be electric but it features an artificial fire that replicates traditional fireplaces with different colours and style of flames.

Get Informed in the Morning
You could also replace your bathroom mirror with a smart mirror, to bring modern technology into another room of your house. These connect straight to your WiFi and can inform you about the weather, time, play music and even tell you headline news! Of course they still look and act as a normal mirror too, if you’re not wanting to ready to hear about the news while you’re brushing your teeth.

Making life easier is what futuristic decor is all about. Merging this style with modern day comfort is something we will all start looking into in the near future. So why not get a head start and start future proofing your home now!

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