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Queenstown Venues – The Complete Guide

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Picking a venue to match the tone of your event plays a key role in hosting, whether it’s a product launch or a fundraising dinner. Queenstown, with its postcard backdrop and welcoming atmosphere, is home to some of the best venues in New Zealand. We have a list of 30 of the best venues in Queenstown, all entirely unique to its charm and never-ending beauty.

White + Wong’s Queenstown

Image by White + Wong’s

Residing in the heart of central Queenstown, White + Wong’s is here to bring Asia to New Zealand. With an inventive and refreshing “East meets West” menu that can be tailored to your event, they specialise in catering to your function and whipping up unforgettable meals. They serve the classics, from bang bang chicken to BBQ pork buns, and some with twists that you never knew you needed, such as Peking Duck and a variety of mouthwatering street cuisine. White + Wong’s is a breezy 10km from the airport and can accomodate anywhere from 12 to 62 of your lucky guests.


Bostwana Butchery

Image by Botswana Butchery

Part of the illustrious Good Group, Botswana Butchery brings with it diverse menus and an atmosphere filled to the brim with Queenstown charm. Located in Queenstown CBD, this restaurant doubles as a unique and flavourful venue that offers mouthwatering on-site catering and space for up to 50 guests. Their emphasis on fun and innovation has led them to be one of the premier restaurant venue choices in Queenstown, with à la carte dining options, roaring log fires, and locally sourced produce and wines. Botswana Butchery rests within Queenstown’s historic Archer’s Cottage with tranquil views of the lake


Kawarua Bridge Bungy

Image by Earth Trekkers

A quirky space, Kawarua Bridge Bungy is located in the gorgeous vineyards of Gibbston Valley, a couple minutes’ drive from the city centre of Queenstown. Situated next to the aquamarine waters of Kawarua River, this thrilling venue makes for an exciting and pretty pick for any event. With a capacity of nearly 800 guests, it’s a flexible space that offers on-site catering, audiovisual equipment and assistance, as well as the unusual and thrilling option of a nighttime bungy jumping experience at the world’s first bungy jump. No other event space can boast of such a treat, which makes Kawarua an especially exciting venue choice for your event.


Gibbston Valley

Image by Backyard Weddings NZ

Gibbston Valley is the very definition of Queenstown beauty: an emerald green winery surrounded by mountains, near the sparkling Kawarua River and a scenic 25-minute drive from the heart of Queenstown. The Gibbston Winery Restaurant, Wine Cave and Wine Vault are all available for exclusive venue hire, with a capacity of up to 200 guests for your gala dinner, along with the option of on-site catering, live entertainment and a team dedicated to planning and managing your event. With a helipad nearby for guests who want to arrive in style, as well as nearby accommodation to make things all the easier, Gibbston Valley is a premier location for an event with taste.


South Eatery by Mercure Queenstown Resort

Image by First Table

Mercure Queenstown Resort has majestic views of Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables Mountains. A stunning hotel venue with a professional, helpful team to guide your event forward, the option of their South Eatery, with floor to ceiling windows and sumptuous catering, is not to be missed. Besides their picturesque setting filled with natural light, South Eatery utilises modern dining and catering options, with their produce sourced locally and fine wines from the Central Otago region. Mercure Queenstown Resort also offers 3 other rooms, aside from the highly-acclaimed South Eatery, appropriate for any event type, with a capacity of 70 guests for a well-rounded affair.


Millbrook Golf Resort

Image by Queenstown NZ

Stunning vistas await you at Millbrook Golf Resort. A 5-star resort, Millbrook Golf Resort spans 500 acres and has won a series of awards for its excellence. With multiple venues, it can host up to 160 guests and offers bespoke menus for your event. They have a dedicated events team to help organise, plan and manage your event, as well as useful perks such as complimentary WiFi, transportation, parking and so much more. Millbrook Golf Resort is known for their profession and polished service, along with their spectacular surroundings, and have the option of on-site accomodation in their luxury villas, cottages or village inn. Let their award-winning chef make your event unforgettable.


Jack’s Point Clubhouse

Image by Jack’s Point

Jack’s Point Clubhouse combines the cosiness of Queenstown charm with the sheer beauty of its surroundings, with 35km of surrounding hiking and biking trails, a velveteen golf course and a breathtaking view of The Remarkables. Sitting on the edge of Lake Tewa, this venue is available for private hire, with both indoor and outdoor seating options, offering tailored event packages to suit your event. With on-site catering and a series of set menus to pick between (or the choice of creating a new one altogether), Jack’s Point Clubhouse provides a homier and more comfortable setting for any event, all whilst retaining the unmatched allure of Queenstown.


Lake Hayes Pavilion

Image by Reddit

Lake Hayes Pavilion overlooks, as the name suggests, the serene waters of Lake Hayes. With a capacity of 160, a large, outdoor space for a marquee or further mingling, and a catering kitchen, Lake Hayes Pavilion has set itself up to be one of Queenstown’s finest and most convenient venues. Located 10 minutes from both Queenstown and Arrowtown, it’s famed for hosting the Lake Hayes Agricultural and Pastoral Show. It has recently been refurbished and now boasts hardwood floors and a more neutral, modern styling so as to blend in with any and all event types. Take in peaceful views of the lake, or gaze up at the world-famous Coronet Peak ski area from Lake Hayes Pavilion at your next event.


Mount Soho Winery

Image by Mount Soho

Panoramic views of the mountain ranges at Mount Soho Winery is just one of the reasons this venue is a beloved choice for a venue in Queenstown. Whilst it’s set in a secluded yet impressive landscape in Central Otago, it’s still a mere 15-minute drive from the middle of Queenstown, making it a quick escape into the clear mountains of Mount Soho Winery. With a team committed to planning and organising your event, Mount Soho Winery also offers a number of rooms for your event, from the warm Antler Room to the classy Banquet Room. A unique perk of hosting your event at Mount Soho Winery is the option of wine tastings from their very own vineyard. If that’s not incentive to host your next event there, we’re not sure what is.



Image by Yonder

Take a gander at Yonder, a unique space that blends the old and new with its historic building with modern touches. A revamped cottage from 1885, Yonder offers its space for a series of events, including more intimate gatherings. A dedicated and experienced functions manager will help you to plan and organise your event, including bespoke menus and styling, along with audiovisual equipment and assistance if needs be. Yonder has created their space aiming to be unusual yet cozy, with gildings such as a pastel pink Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machine and a framed Bill Murray portrait sitting over the fireplace. Their unconventional air is their main charm and makes them a fun-loving choice for a venue.


Stoneridge Estate

Image by Kate Drennan

Stoneridge Estate is a 12-acre boutique vineyard that offers views of Lake Hayes and the alpine peaks, making for a wondrous and seasoned venue location. A 20-minute drive from Queenstown Airport and a 5-minute drive from Arrowtown, Stoneridge Estate can host anywhere from 6 to 180 guests in any of its luxurious venue options. Their team has oodles of experience when it comes to any manner of event, including gala dinners and corporate gatherings, and offers 3 different spaces for your event: The Boardroom, The Hayes Room and The Lodge Dining Room. No matter which you choose, they are dedicated to making your event as fabulous as possible, with tailored menus and packages to suit the needs of your event.


Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown

Image by Trip Advisor

Five-minutes from the heart of Queenstown, Rydges Lakeland Resort is situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and offers panoramic views of Queenstown scenery. When it comes to planning an event, Rydges is the epitome of professionalism and efficiency, capable of hosting gala dinners, meetings, conferences, seminars and any function that comes to mind. They can accommodate up to 500 of your guests, with an option of 5 different conference rooms, as well as a viewing deck for an outside venue if needs be. With tailored packages to make creating your event all the smoother, Rydges Lakeland Resort also offers a dedicated events team to help plan, manage and organise your event.


Mt Nicholas Station

Image by Mt Nicholas

Settled comfortably amongst 100, 000 acres of private land, Mt. Nicholas Station prides themselves on hosting bespoke events of any nature in any setting. Flowering mountain peaks, breathtaking valleys, 14 kilometers of fresh beachfront and so much more, Mt. Nicholas Station has it all and will cater launch parties, corporate events and everything in between. With a capacity ranging from 10 to 150 guests, their venues include a private beachfront, styled marquee, lakeside woodshed and historic stone cottage. Collaborating with local suppliers, Mt Nicholas Station has a team committed to making your event a lasting memory for all.


Muskets & Moonshine

Image by Queenstown NZ

Muskets & Moonshine has a glorious history of trade and tradition, which is why they chose to convert their historic building into a venue space for events of all kinds. The simplicity of Muskets & Moonshine is their biggest asset, boasting a Musket Mezzanine with adjoining balcony that caters for up to 50 guests. Available for exclusive hire, their spaces are entirely customisable depending on the tone of your event. Muskets & Moonshine believes in having a good time and this shines through in their menu and drinks. They even offer to whip up something extra special for your event, should you so need it, just to get the ball rolling.


The Winehouse

Image by Fallon Photography

This restored villa is a cosy but vogue location for any event, coupled with croquet lawns and a stunning pavilion a stone’s throw away. With spectacular garden views, it’s nestled within the heart of nature and makes for a restorative event, prizing itself on “off-site” functions and noteworthy events. The Winehouse includes a range of activities, packages and services, with warm staff and tailor-made menus. They offer team building exercises, exclusive use of the venue, as well as in-house design and planning. When required, audiovisual equipment can be hired and set up at your convenience. The Winehouse can host up 260 of your guests.


Kamana Lakehouse

Image by Kamana Lakehouse

The highest altitude accommodation in Queenstown, Kamana Lakehouse is a boutique venue that sits, quite literally, above the rest. They’re a quick 20-minute drive from Queenstown Airport, have complimentary WiFi and aim for the heart of relaxation. Their main function space showcases clearcut views of the Remarkables and the sparkling city of Queenstown, whilst their slightly smaller venue, The Ledge, is perfect for more intimate gatherings. They offer on-site catering courtesy of their kitchen and bar, Nest, specialising in Medditerranean treats and alfresco dining.


Paradise Trust

Image by Dawn Thomson Photography

With an ancient beach forest as a backdrop, Paradise Trust puts themselves head and shoulders above venues with their remote and rustic location. Able to host up to 300 guests, this venue is the perfect option for large and lively affairs. Surrounded by 300 acres of wild beauty, you can choose between the expansive front lawn of the historic Miller House or venture forth with a marquee to any gorgeous corner of Paradise Trust. Available for both exclusive and partial hire, Paradise Trust also has the convenient option of cosy, on-site accommodation at one of their Rustic Cabins.


Mt Rosa Lodge

Image by Trip Advisor

In Gibbston, a breezy 25 minutes from Queenstown, and ensconced in fresh air and mountainsides, Mt Rosa is a luxury venue that pride themselves on hosting with the perfect blend of romanticism and seamless service. Their professional events team is more accustomed to planning and organising casual, intimate affairs, such as dinners and parties, with space for up to 20 guests. With the panoramic terrace, sheltered courtyard and flowering gardens to choose between, it’s a picture perfect setting for a venue to unwind at. Bespoke dining and beverage options include the tantalising and local fare award-winning craft beers and wines.


The Grille by Eichardt’s

Image by Oyster

A premium lakefront location, The Grille is part of a Queenstown brand, Eichardt’s, that has been around since 1867. Their venue offers space for up to 150 guests for gala dinners, corporate gatherings and cocktail parties. The Grille is made up of the 3 separate venues to choose from: The Restaurant, with stunning lakeside views and the options of both exclusive and partial hire; The Wine Room, the epitome of indulgence in a secluded room with a capacity of 12 and framed by artisan wines; and The Parlour, an elegant space within Eichardt’s Private Hotel overlooking Queenstown Bay and Lake Wakatipu.


Little Blackwood

Image by Little Blackwood

Join Little Blackwood for the best cocktails in town, with the coolest atmosphere to boot. Little Blackwood sits on the very edge of Lake Wakatipu and is a classic bar and eatery available for hire for any number of casual, exciting events, from cocktail parties to fabulous dinner parties. With gorgeous views of the Remarkables and the world famous Steamer Wharf at their doorstep, it offers a contemporary backdrop for your evening. Include the heated deck in your event and Little Blackwood is able to host up to 100 of your guests, with the option of live music and fine dining alongside a roaring fireplace within the heart of the venue.


Camp Glenorchy

Image by Property Council NZ

Camp Glenorchy is a toast to contemporary design as it melts into the unparalleled beauty of nature. They consider themselves an informal venue, which makes it ideal for dinners and drinks with coworkers and friends alike, with an events team dedicated to helping you plan and manage your event. 40 minutes from Queenstown, they offer packages for all event types, from corporate to casual, with the option of on-site catering and accomodation. There are a multitude of spaces within Camp Glenorchy for your event, from the golden Sunroom filled with natural light, to The Humboldt Room for up to 120 guests.


Marvel Queenstown

Image by Ray White Queenstown

Marvel Queenstown has found its home on the beautiful grounds of the historic 1863 stone building in Arthurs Point. Their core values of simplicity and tradition make them an endearing and warm space to host your event. Recently given a refresher, Marvel Queenstown is now a multi-functional venue that caters to all occasions. A perfect venue for a dinner or informal gathering, they bring with them homegrown produce and a local attitude that warms the heart. They offer both set menus and bespoke ones tailored to the nature of your event.


Queenstown Memorial Centre

Image by Queenstown NZ

Freshly renovated, Queenstown Memorial Centre rests in the midst of the Central Business District and is available all year long for exclusive or partial hire for your event. With 2 versatile function spaces, an outdoor patio, commercial kitchen and adjacent recreational grounds that allow for a spacious marquee, it’s a malleable venue for any type of event, be it a large conference or bustling cocktail party. Queenstown Memorial Centre is known as one of the city’s larger event spaces, equipped with an in-house public address system, house lighting, three phase power, and excellent audiovisual infrastructure.


Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa

Image by Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa

Set in the very heart of Queenstown central, Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa is a testament to the class of modern France. An award-winning hotel, it celebrates the French art de vivre, lending it an opulent but chic mode, with a highly-trained and professional team to help manage your event. Be it a swanky soirées or a staid conference, Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa can accommodate up to 120 of your guests. It has 5 different spaces to choose from, from the extravagant La Galerie to the relaxed 1789 Wine & Jazz Lounge. With delegated ambassadors to tend to any rising need, this plush hotel venue permits the full luxury of focusing on and thoroughly enjoying your event.


The Glebe

Image by The Glebe

The Glebe is available to provide an elegant venue for upscale corporate events, such as intimate meetings and gatherings. Their Penthouse Suites can accommodate dozens of guests for presentations, smaller workshops and spaces to exchange ideas. Centrally located, The Glebe prizes itself on being a convenient, classy venue, with key services such as audiovisual equipment upon demand, on-site catering to your tastes, transportation, the choice of group activities and so much more. They are also thrilled to offer the option of a team building experience, with staff dedicated to making sure your event is smooth sailing all the way through.


Skyline Queenstown

Image by Skyline

Take in the view from above with Skyline Queenstown, a venue with, indisputably, the most magnificent views in all of Queenstown . Able to cater for up to 900 of your guests and with a dedicated, professional team at your side, they are a 30-minute drive from Queenstown airport and offer a host of tailored packages for your event. Skyline is available for partial hire or as an exclusive event centre for any of your events, cocktail parties, gala dinners and everything in between. Unparalleled views serve as the backdrop to your conference, from mountain ranges to the cityscape, with the option of bespoke catering and special event activities for your guests.


Heritage Hotel Queenstown

Image by My Kiwi Wedding

Heritage Hotel is a blend of contemporary charm and convenience. Boasting dazzling views of the Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu, it’s an 18-minute drive from the airport and offers world-class service. Heritage Hotel has a professional and dedicated events team, complimentary WiFi, and 12 spaces to choose from for your event. Their individual spaces can hold anywhere from 12 to 250 guests, with flexible seating styles, outdoor and indoor options, and special, tailored packages designed to make planning your event a cinch. Be it corporate gatherings, business meetings or cocktail parties, Heritage Hotel is the epitome of professionalism and attention to detail.


Kinross Cottages

Image by Queenstown Wedding Association

Kinross Cottages are nestled in the rolling vineyards of Gibbston Valley, this venue has it all: paradise of water features, schist ruins, hundred-year-old trees, designated BBQ areas, playgrounds, petanque, a wine garden and cellar, and walking and cycle trails. As a result, they make for a venue that can host any manner of affair, hosting up to at least 60 seated guests and many more at a canapé or tapas function. Not only does Kinross Cottages select their wines from 5 local and wonderful wine labels, but they also source most of their on-site catering produce locally − which includes their very own herb and vegetable garden.


Public Kitchen

Image by Public Kitchen

Queenstown is home to many a cosy venue in its very centre, and, fortunately for all, Public Kitchen is one of them. With Lake Wakatipu serenely at their doorstep, they are a venue with unique décor and a comfortable vibe. They offer on-site catering credit to their talented chefs, with an extensive menu and homegrown, truly Kiwi ingredients. Allowing for exclusive hire, Public Kitchen is an ideal spot for a laidback cocktail party or corporate event, with fine dining, mouth watering drinks (even a signature cocktail, if you so choose) and views that take your breath away,


Arrowtown Hall

Image by The Queenstown Wedding Blog

A historic part of Queenstown, Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall is a breezy 20-minute drive from the city centre and 15-minutes from the airport. The venue is a large, auditorium-styled space, inclusive of a stage, dressing room and off-stage sections. The main hall can host up to 400 guests, whilst the smaller one, known as the supper room, manages nearly 120. It has a commercial kitchen attached, and its rooms can be arranged into banquet-, theatre- or cocktail-styled settings for your event. A favourite with both tourists and locals, Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall is the beloved centrepiece of a small gold mining town that adds charm and character to any event.


NZ High Country

Image by NZ High Country

Pick between 4 unique spaces within NZ High Country, a relatively new venue on the scene that is a short drive from Queenstown and the airport. Surrounded by breathtaking nature and panoramic views of mountain ranges, this venue boasts the very best when it comes to flexible and gorgeous venues in Queenstown. Tussock Point, Merino Rise and Country Courtyard are ‘land-only’ options that serve as blank canvases for you to paint your event across; Lake June offers a little more structure, with a premium and permanent marquee equippe with floor-to-ceiling windows, but with absolute privacy. NZ High Country is proudly family-owned and eager to help you celebrate your special event.


Blanket Bay Lodge

Image by Queenstown NZ

The luxurious Blanket Bay Lodge is famed worldwide as one of New Zealand’s finest alpine lodges. Nestled amongst snow capped peaks, Blanket Bay Lodge has consistently been voted one of the world’s best lodges, and offers an elegant and intimate space for a host of event types. The Boardroom has gorgeous views of the lake, with breakout rooms for further discussion, as well as audiovisual equipment, complimentary WiFi, secretarial services, an in-house conference coordinator, airport transfers and so much more. Blanket Bay Lodge is committed to giving your event a modern yet lush edge, and is the perfect venue for an intimate gathering amongst colleagues, friends or family.


Crowne Plaza Hotel

Image by Southern PR

Crowne Plaza Hotel is moments away from the centre of Queenstown and offers magnificent views of Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables. They have 4 separate and unique lakefront venues that can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 200 guests, with complimentary WiFi and the option of on-site catering. Each of their venues are flexible, filled with natural light and boasting some of the best views of Queenstown. Crowne Plaza Hotel also boasts a dedicated events team, focused on bringing your event to life in the best way possible.


Matakauri Lodge

Image by Larsson Photography

Drink in fresh air and the mountaintops with Matakauri Lodge, a luxurious venue that overlooks the Remarkables, Cecil and Walter Peak. Able to host up to 60 guests, Matakauri Lodge offers 4 different event rooms and a varied selection of on-site dining options, alongside handcrafted programmes and a seasoned team with outstanding taste and planning. Matakauri Lodge is an picturesque space for your event, with unrivalled views and a wealth of experience in professional event management. Matakauri Lodge is a scenic 25-minute drive from the airport, resting shortly from the city centre and at the cusp of Lake Wakatipu.


Queenstown Hill

Image by Just A Pack

Queenstown Hill, dubbed the most accessible mountain peak in all of Queenstown, is a private farm that rests just above the centre of Queenstown. With 300 acres of lush, open space to wander around on, it makes for a malleable and ideal location for any event. A mere 15 minutes from Queenstown CBD, this venue is 900 metres above sea level and is visible throughout the city. They prize themselves on being a space for corporate events, such as conferences and larger meetings, with the exciting option of activities such as walking trails and quad biking to give your event a thrilling edge. If you choose Queenstown Hill to be the venue for your next event, you’re choosing adventure.


Hotel St. Moritz

Image by Sofitel

Hotel St. Moritz offers Queenstown a healthy dose of European luxury. Sourcing inspiration from modern mountain lodges, the interior offers a refined yet warm atmosphere. It has a dedicated business centre with supporting staff, as well as high-speed WiFi and the choice of on-site catering. With a capacity of up to 300 guests, as well as a duo of spaces to choose from within St. Moritz (the Den or the Library, both with floor-to-ceiling windows and a plethora of natural light), it also has a patio for an easy indoor/outdoor flow − or even the option of an outdoor event, if you really feel like blowing your guests away with the stunning vistas that Queenstown has on display.


QT Hotel Queenstown

Image by GHA Discovery

Modern design and Mother Nature collide in a plush expanse at QT Hotel Queenstown. A luxury boutique hotel venue, they have a range of spaces for your next event, alongside nifty services such as bespoke packages and catering to that extra touch of class to your function. There are 12 different rooms within QT Hotel Queenstown to choose from, and a team dedicated to event planning and management. From the cosy and chic Wakatipu Room, ideal for breakouts or smaller meetings, to the stylish and open Bazaar, able to accommodate up to 175 guests, QT Hotel Queenstown is a perfect choice for any event.

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