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How To Boost Traffic and Conversions With A Killer Sales Page

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Want to boost traffic and conversions the same time?

If you do not have a sales page on your website, or your sales page needs updating, then your sales will be harmed.

Websites without strong sales pages for each of their products or services leave customers confused or unsure of what to do next.

Your Sales Page will need the following sections


Grab Attention & Make An Impression With A Bold Headline

Then expand on your headline and answer the question “What benefit will my customer receive?”


This should be a compelling headline that encompasses the main problem or solution.

Briefly Describe the Problem and the Solution

Now you need to identify the problem and offer a solution to introduce your product or service.

Finish Strong With a CTA

Let The Reader Know Why Your Product or Service Is The Best

Add a Compelling Benefit or Feature Headline

  • “Fast and Reliable Service”
  • “Data-Driven Strategy”

The customer should read the headline and instantly want to know more.

Highlight the Feature or Benefit With a Quick Description

Walk The Reader Through Your Process

Create a Headline for Your Process

Breakdown Your Process Steps

Keep it simple

Give The Buyer Confidence With Social Proof

The customer will be looking for proof that they can trust you.

Start With a Trust-Building Headline

Either include some customer testimonials or include a case study about your business that will help establish trust.

Choose testimonials that highlight the benefits or features you discussed on the page.

Keep it short.

Clearly Address Pricing

Pricing needs to be addressed upfront, otherwise you might lose the customer.

Add a Pricing Headline or How Much Does it Cost

Give a Price Breakdown

Clearly show the pricing for the service or product, or address how the pricing is calculated and where to find it.

If the pricing requires a quote or contact to the business–explain it while being as straightforward as possible.

Risk-Reversal With A Guarantee

If your company has a Guarantee, this is a great way to start wrapping up your page.

If the customer has doubts, a guarantee will help put their mind at ease. The fewer the doubts the customer has, the easier it will be to secure their business.

Finish Off Strong With A Final CTA

This is the last thing the customer sees. Finish it off with a powerful headline that compels the customer to do something.

Boost Traffic and Conversions

In one to two sentences, sum up your page and give them the next step to take action so that they boost traffic and conversions.

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